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Delta Corrente Toilet is the Perfect DIY Money Saving Toilet

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.
My brand new Delta Corrente Toilet
Hey there.  I love working with my hands.  I love to take things apart, put them back together, build stuffs, examine things, etc. etc.  Whenever an opportunity arises where I can start a home project, I try to jump on it.  That's why when the good people at Dad Central and Delta came knocking with a DIY project, I just had to jump on it!  They provided me with a Delta Corrente Toilet!  Yeah!  I said a toilet!  lol  See, you don't know how important they are until it starts to act funny on you.  Let me explain.
The toilet that came with the house was an old toilet.  It made plenty of noise, it used a lot of water, and it would clog up from time to time.  I replaced the handle on it so many times that it's not even funny.  The flapper tore on more than one occasion and when I had a problem that I couldn't fix, the guys at my local hardware store would tell me that I should just get a new toilet.  I was just about to go and grab one too, until Delta and Dad Central came to the rescue!  So, how was my experience installing the toilet?  What do I think of it?  Well, let's get into it!

First off, the Delta Corrente Toilet has a very sleek design.  It has an elongated bowl that makes it a little longer than a conventional toilet but, in my opinion, adds a touch of class.  Even though it looks a little bigger, it didn't seem heavier than the old toilet.  My 14 year old son and I carried it to the bathroom with ease and grabbed the instructions.

Step 1:  Remove the old toilet
Yeah... it's time for an upgrade
Now, I've never installed a toilet myself so I went into this project with a bit of concern.  How was I to remove the old toilet?  Would I need to remove the bolts holding down the old toilet?  What about the hoses?  Luckily, the Delta Corrente Toilet came with instructions AND TOOLS on how to remove the old toilet.  It came with a super handy sponge, a scraper, a pair of latex gloves, a towel, and a handy tool to help remove the old toilet.   Before removing the toilet, you need to make sure that you turn off the water to the toilet.  Flush once or twice to reduce the amount of water in the toilet bowl and tank.  You can remove any extra water using the sponge and make sure you clean up any water spills with a towel.  Once that's done, you can remove the water connection from the tank and unscrew the nuts from the bolts that are holding the toilet to the floor.  Once that's done, use the scraper to remove any silicone or caulking that may be outlining the toilet.  When finished, you can lift the toilet straight up to remove and replace.

Step 2:  Remove the old wax ring
New wax ring = orangey colored.  Old wax ring - black...
Didn't know about the wax ring?  Neither did I!  When I lifted the old toilet, I noticed the wax ring around the toilet drainage pipe.  You can easily lift the wax ring to toss away.  When you do that, use the towel provided to cover the drainage pipe.  You do not want to breathe in any of the fumes that may come from your sewage pipe!  Once that's covered, use the scraper to remove any wax that may be lingering around and place the new wax ring in place.  Don't forget to remove the towel before placing in the new wax ring!

Step 3:  Installing the Delta Corrente Toilet Bowl

Grab the Delta Corrente Toilet bowl from the box and place it over the two bolts that were holding the old toilet in place.  If the toilet slides in easily without a hitch, you're in luck!  You won't have to replace the old bolts with new bolts.  But just in case you have to change them, the Delta Corrente Toilet comes with the bolts and instructions on how to install them.  I didn't need to install them so I can't speak of that.  Once you placed the bowl over the bolts, make sure that the toilet is sitting firmly on the floor and not on the bathroom tile or anything like that.  If the toilet is on tile, you may have to remove the tile and have them cut with a wet saw to fit around the toilet.  If it's firmly on the floor, place the washers over the bolts as shown in the instructions and tighten a nut to secure the toilet.  Place the cap provided over the bolts to hide them from view.

Step 4:  Installing the Delta Corrente Toilet Tank

Now that the bowl is in place, you will need to stall the tank that holds the water.  Make sure to attach the rubber hexagon to the tank BEFORE placing the tank on the toilet.  The rubber hexagon thing acts as a barrier between the toilet bowl and tank and you DO NOT want to apply pressure to your tank because it's pressed up against the bowl.  Once you have that in place, place the tank over the bowl and slide the bolts through the three holes in the bowl.  Tighten the nuts through the bolts using the special tool provided.  Once all three are done, connect the hose coming from the tank to the water line.

Step 5:  Installing the Toilet Seat

Now, this was pretty cool.  The Delta Corrente Toilet seat has the ability to slide back and forth, depending on your preference.  Grab the seat and then press the red tabs together.  This allows you to slide the part of the toilet seat that needs to be attached to the toilet bowl.  Place the two anchors with the screws in the holes on the toilet bowl.  Remove the screws and place the toilet seat "thingy" on top of them so that you can screw it in place.  Once you have done that, you can slide in the toilet seat until it snaps into place.

Step 6:  Turn the water on and look for leaks
Making sure there are no leaks before turning the water back on
You are now finished installing the Delta Corrente Toilet!  Congrats!  But wait... what if something went wrong?  We have to find out.  Turn on the water and look for leaks.  Especially near the water line and the connections from the tank to the water line.  No leaks?  Flush a few times.  Check near the base of the toilet.  No water seeping out from under it?  No water dripping from the toilet?  SUCCESS!!!  You are have successfully installed your new toilet!  CONGRATS!!!

Now, the very last thing to do would be to cover the base of the toilet with silicone or some caulking.  You can pick up a tube of the stuff from your local hardware store for no more than $5.  Then, just run it around your toilet.  Done and done!

A little bit about the Delta Corrente Toilet:

  • Saves you money by using 1.28 gpf.
  • Watersense labeled toilets are virtually clog free
  • Smart fit tank to bowl connection reduces leaks eliminates the chance of over tightening and cracking the toilet.
  • EZ Out Removal Kit
  • High seat for easy sitting and standing
I've had the toilet installed for about 2 weeks now and I can't complain.  It fits perfectly in the bathroom and now it's inspired me to do a little more bathroom work.  I place on redoing the tiles and maybe giving the bathroom a little bit of a paint job.  I can't say that it's saving me water since I haven't seen the results in my water bill just yet, but I can say that it's a lot quieter and for a toilet that's supposed to save on water, it's does have a pretty powerful flush.  I'm extremely happy with it and I hope that this guide will help convince you guys to get one for yourselves!  Later!

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