Monday, January 14, 2013

Get a Life Podcast Ep. 5 - The One with The Demise of THQ and The Susbstance of a Great Game

Hey there.  Ready for another episode of the Get a Life Podcast?  Awesome!  What makes a video game great?  Is it the graphics, the story, the characters?  Brian and I discuss the different aspects to what make a video game worth while.

Also, I wanted to thank Dan Teasdale once again for being our guest last week!  It was a great conversation and if you guys missed any of it, make sure to check it out here!  To other news, I'm excited to announce that Nels Anderson (Of Mark of the Ninja fame) will be on our next episode so make sure to tune in later this week when that podcast goes live!  Mark of the Ninja is on hell of a game and if you haven't had a chance to play, get to it NOW!  We'll have more on Nels and the game during next week's show!  Now, here's the latest episode of the Get a Life Podcast!  Enjoy!

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And for those of you that listened in, you can enter The Walking Dead Giveaway below!  If you are interested in checking out the posts mention on the show, you can check the Anker High Precision Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI post here and The Wreck it Ralph post here.  Later!

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  1. I like podcasts a lot. Think you could also do one on iphone apps? or, the differences between ipods/ipads/iphone positive/negatives?

  2. Victor, the play button doesn't work for the podcast, cant' play it.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Justin. I'll check on that immediately!

  4. Hey there Justin. I went ahead and checked it out and it was working. Hmmm... I wonder if the widget was acting funny though... I did have to refresh the page for it to work. I guess I'll look for another player to use if it continues to act funny. Thanks again!

  5. Hey there Betty. I'll pitch the idea to my cohost. Maybe we can do a podcast on gaming on mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. I'll keep you posted, Betty.

  6. I'm looking into it right now, actually. I'll start uploading the episodes here shortly. Thanks, my friend!

  7. Yes, gaming on ipad and iphone sounds great! I'd like to know about more games that I should get on there. so far I have free flow and xenonia.

  8. I have not played that yet, Betty! I've been playing PunchHero by GamEvil and have been wanting to try out Xenonia. How is it?


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