Tuesday, January 22, 2013

As My Guitar Lies Bleeding in my Arms

Music... poetry without any words
Hey there. I love music. I've always been into music since as far back as I can remember. From my early days playing on a recorder to my later years jamming on a guitar. I strongly believe that music can transcend words.  A beautifully crafted piece of music can saw much, much more than any words can.  As a kid, I would spend more than enough time playing the recorder.  I still remember how to play the thing too.  lol  That seed led to me play more instruments throughout my years:  flute, trumpet, keyboard, bass, guitar...  When I was feeling a little upbeat, I would grab the flute and play.  When I was feeling tense, I would grab my guitar and play.  Guitar...  I'm particularly proud of being to play guitar.  Not because it's "cool" or anything of that sort, but because it was a new instrument for me to learn to play.  The guitar that I learned on  was a 20 fret Fender Stratocaster that was gifted to me by my uncle from Minnesota (which I, in turned, gifted to my son).  Soon after, I picked up an "easy" to learn guitar book with Metallica songs in it and got to work.

I can now play more than a few Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, and other rock songs on guitar.  It's one hell of a workout and I love doing it.  Nothing would get me in a better mood than to start up the iPod, grab my electric guitar, and start playing along to the Master of Puppets album.  If I wanted to tone it down or if it was a melancholy type evening, I would grab my acoutic guitar and play along to the Alice in Chains Unplugged album.  It's one of those deals where playing music is theraputic to me, you know.  It allows me to play and sing along to some of my favorite songs and allows me to vent by playing along.  The problem?  I haven't been playing enough these past few months... and I HATE that.  I don't use the word hate much.  I feel that hate is too strong a word to be used casually.  But not having the time to carve out of my day to play guitar... I HATE THAT.  Why?  I feel as if part of my personality is put on hold.  It's almost as if I'm being restricted by the universe by not being to play.  And it sucks.  It's almost as if I can hear my guitars begging me to play them.  Skully (Kirk Hammet Guitar KH-602) is itching to be heard!  Clemetine (yup, looks like I just named my acoustic guitar!) is a little luckier.  When I get the itch to play and can't set up my rig, I'll grab Clementine and go at it for about 30 mins or so.  But to be honest, 30 mins is just not enough and I prefer to play with Skully more than Clementine, but only becasue I can play more songs on Skully than I can on Clementine.  It's damn near impossible to play The Coming Curse on acousitc guitar.  lol


My love for music isn't dying.  I can hear music all day long and be absolutely content with myself.  It's my skills that are diminishing.  My fingers are not moving as fast as they used to, my strumming is not as fast as it used to be, and my repertoire is slowly dwindling down.  It's almost as if my "label" as a musician is dying.  I can't have that.  I won't have that.  My guitar is screaming... and the sound is not coming from my guitar amp.  My guitar is wailing... and it's not because of my Wah pedal.  My guitar is bleeding... and it's not my blood that runs down the fret board.  The passion is there, the determination is there, but the time and resources are not.  It's not the first time I've fallen off the musical path and just like before... I'll get back on track.  Later!


  1. That's cool you can play the guitar. You should play an intro song and exit song on your podcasts! A catchy theme song!

  2. I also love music. well.. listening to it.. I can't play any instruments though i want to learn.. piano and guitar.. I hope to learn someday. :)

  3. Hey there Betty! I've been thinking of doing an intro as well! I have an idea of what I want to do but I need to find the time to record the intro. And catchy, it will be!


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