Monday, October 1, 2012

The World's Hottest Chicken Wings

How spicy can they be?  I mean, they are only made with
chile peppers with skull faces on them!
Hey there. This weekend, I took the family to the Los Angeles County Fair (I'll have a post on our trip real soon) and while there, I stumbled across the hottest chicken wings in the world.  Hmmm...  I know that many of these fairs boast some pretty outrageous claims, but you know what... I love chicken wings and when it comes to spicy food, I don't mind trying new things.  We first passed by the sign shortly after we arrived at the fair and as we enjoyed the fair, I mulled over whether or not I would like to take on that challenge.  As our day came close to an end, we walked by the sign once again.  As we were walking towards the parking lot, it was the wife that mentioned the chicken wings and whether or not I wanted to try them.  At that point, I knew I was going to dive in.  Here is my story told by pictures!
The chicken wings are so hot that they hand you
gloves so you can eat them!
Time to put on my eating gloves!
It's not so hot...
Hot... psh... I'll lick the chile off my gloves!
Why won't the tears stop!!!
Kids, quick!  Soda me!
Hottest Chicken Wings in the World ain't got nothin' on me!!!
Metallman - 1, Hottest Chicken Wings in the World - 0
So yeah, that's what happened.  lol  They gave me gloves to eat the wings because they said that spices used to make them stay on your fingers long after you eat the wings.  If you were to touch your skin, eyes, or nose with your fingers, you run the risk of burning yourself.  Sounds like some serious business to me.  Even with the gloves on, I made sure that I used one hand to hold the tray and use napkins with and the other was strictly for eating the wings.  This would minimize the risk of me getting chile on the kid's stuff or my eyes or anywhere else where it doesn't belong.  I didn't want a repeat of the "Atomic Incident."  I remember this one time, I ordered some Atomic Wings from Wingstop (I heard from a friend that they were pretty hot so I wanted to try them out) and I made the mistake of rubbing my eye while eating.  If you've ever had chile in your eye, this was much worse.  lol  It burned for close to 20 minutes and those 20 minutes were nonstop eye cleansing minutes.  My eye was on fire and I could not get it took FOREVER to get it to stop.  It sucked.  The deal with the "hottest chicken wings in the world" were not so much the spiciness but the "fumes" that emanate from them.  When you bring the chicken wing up close to eat, if you breathe in, you inhale the fumes and they BURN your insides.  This causes the crying and over all "spicy" reaction.  I inhaled on that first one and it got me good.  After that, I learned to hold my breath for 2 seconds while I bring it up to my mouth to chew.  No probs after that.  They were hot though, and I want to say that an ingredient involved sped up my heart rate because I felt it racing when I finished them all.  That would explain why the sign said, "18 and older only."  Anyways, I saw a challenge and I conquered it.  I have other foodie challenges that I have my sights set at.  Once I go through those challenges, I'll make sure to tell you all about them!

So tell me, friends... what's the hottest food you've ever had?  Did it have you crying like a baby?  lol  I would love to hear about it.  Later!


  1. heheehehe loved the way you told the story :) Glad that you triumphed over the chicken wings....I would not have.

  2. Hey there Natasha! I try to make it fun. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy the little things or else why bother. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Thanks, Nagaraj! I always try to make the pictures I take a little interesting.

  4. Thanks, Nagaraj! I always try to make the pictures I take a little interesting.

  5. You mentioned Wingstop. Some of myf riends had a competition there. I thought those were the hottest wings in the world. i didn't like the flavor much. Anyway, the competitors were not allowed to drink anything or have a napkin. It was crazy! They were being timed as well!

  6. Do you remember the name of the store selling these at the fair or the name of the pepper?


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