Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swagbucks Promo: Are you a Vampire or Zombie?

Hey there.  Swagbucks is in the Halloween spirit and is kicking off the month of October with a great way to earn extra swagbucks!  Starting today, Oct. 3rd, they holding their most ghastly contest between 2 teams:  Zombies vs. Vampires!  Which team are you a part of?  Here's a little bit more from Hal, the Swag Guy:

"Swagbucks puts the "treat" in Trick or Treat with its latest team challenge: Zombies vs. Vampires. Starting Oct 3rd through the rest of the month, this ghastly team challenge will make your Daily Earning Meter more rewarding and help you earn reward points towards free stuff. Every day from the start of the challenge, you can win a point for your team by completing your Daily Ghoul. Whether your a zombie or vampire, score points fro your team to be declared the ultimate monsters."

What?  Not signed up yet?  Well, get to it, friends!  I've already earned multiple Amazon gift cards and I have more just within my reach.  I've been assigned to the Zombie team and I'm ready to kick some butt and earn me some more Swagbucks!  See you there!  Later!


  1. I guess it's a fun way to dress up the whole Daily Goal Meter thing, but all this talk about the "biggest bonus ever" and such seems to be a bit unfounded. Even if you're on the winning team and you hit the Daily Goal every day this month, you'll still only get 300 SB (the same you'd get normally for hitting the Daily Goal for the entire month). Now stacking the team bonus on top of the normal bonus would have been something!

    But like I said, it's a fun little thing to do for Halloween, so I'll give them a pass for the month. I just hope they don't try to do this every month. I don't want any Pilgrims vs. Indians or Reindeer vs. Elves in the coming months. I just prefer the old method since getting the max bonus is more dependent on yourself rather than a group of others.

    But for now, I'll get into the team spirit. Go Team Zombies!

  2. Thanks for the heads up - I hadnt been paying attention. I love Swagbucks...I buy all my husbands birthday and Christmas presents with the Amazon GC I earn.

  3. Yeah, I'm on the same boat. I'll be on Swagbucks for weeks a time, hitting the goals, but then I step away for weeks as well. I'm horrible at that!

  4. Hey there Devin. In simple terms, it is just a glorification of the goal meter, but from I'm reading, I think there will be a bonus added on top of the monthly bonus if you are able to hit the goal for at least 20 of the remaining days in Oct. How much that bonus will be, I'm not so sure, but I like free stuff so you know I'll be trying to hit that! lol Thanks for commenting!

  5. It's kinda hard to understand since the info is in different places, but I think the gist of it is:

    -150 SB for reaching the daily goal every remaining day (29 days) in October (similar to the normal Daily Goal Meter Bonus, which is usually 300 SB)

    -150 SB or 130 SB for helping your team by contributing at least 20 points (which means reaching the goal for at least 20 days this month), the difference being whether your team wins or not. Lesser bonuses are awarded for contributing fewer than 20 points but still more than 5.

    So basically, even if you get the Daily Goal every day and you end up on the winning team, you'll still only get the same amount you'd get normally. I'm not counting the daily bonuses of course since they change every day and can't be determined until the end of the month (though it's usually somewhere around 250 SB).

    But like you said, the thing that matters is free stuff, so it's best to just aim for that and sort out the details later!

  6. This is an interesting thing! I'll have to look more into it. Thank you!


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