Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Risen 2 from Deep Silver

Risen 2 and Dead Island Riptide!
Hey there.  Guess who scored a free copy of Risen 2 by Deep Silver?!?!  Yup, this guy!  I entered a Twitter contest not too long ago and about a week or so ago, I get a direct message on Twitter saying that I'm a winner.  How awesome is that?!?!  I've enter all kinds of stuff online and what not and I rarely win anything.  I think this may be one of the first things that I have actually won online!  And it's a game!  I'll admit that I haven't cracked open this bad boy but I'll definitely be popping it my Xbox 360 tonight!
Pictured above...  NOT a goofy face!  lol
I included the above picture because... well... why not.  lmao!  First, I thought it was cool that the Risen 2 game came in the mail on the same day as the Game Informer with Dead Island Riptide on the cover.  It made me believe that some way, some how, Deep Silver made sure I got it with another Deep Silver for me to read up on.  Secondly, the wife asked why I make "goofy" faces in my pictures.  First things first, my dear...  I do not believe my face is goofy and... what's wrong with goofy faces?  lmao  Just wanted to share that small conversation between the wife and I.  Actually, most of our conversations can be summed up that way.  It's one the reasons why I love her.

I haven't played any of the Risen games.  What do you guys think of them?  Good, bad?  Worth spending a generous amount of time on?  Let me know!  Later!

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  1. Well Congratulations! How was it? not familiar with the game, i haven't played it yet.. but it looks awesome.. Enjoy!

  2. This is a hilarous post! Congrats! I have not played the game before.

  3. The game was great! There were some glitches that made it annoying at times but all in all it was a great game. I haven't trieds the 2nd yet but I heard it was terrible based on all the reviews I've read. I don't usually listen to the reviews though so I'm going to pick this up next pay check and find out for myself!

  4. hey, i played a little of this game at a friend's house. it was great! i wish i had won this! :( i must admit it was a bit glitchy, but good overall!

  5. Hey there Betty. I've notice a little lag on it as well. I haven't come across anything too bad, though.


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