Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Try Nopalea for Free

Hey there.  I remember awhile back there was a lot of talk about "miracle" juices that would help ail whatever is bothering you.  I don't remember what the name of the product was but this was easily ten years ago.  The biggest problem that I had with this drink was that it claimed to heal and or cure practically everything.  It had scam written all over it!  I haven't heard of seen of anything that closely resembles that drink.  I strongly believe that health drink makers learned from that one "miracle" drink and are specific as to what their product does.  That's a huge plus since now you know that any outlandish claims are a red flag.  I haven't come across a drink that offers everything, but I do know that someone should create a drink with the main ingredient being cactus.  That's right.  I said cactus.  It looks like our good friends from Trivita have answered that call and are offering a great health drink, Nopalea.  Why cactus?  Well.... let me tell you.

I'm from a Spanish heritage and as a kid, I used to spend the summers over at my grandmother's house in Mexico.  My grandma was an elderly woman and she was in GREAT health!  She would get up at the break of dawn and be up and about doing house chores or working at the local church.  When she needed to go to the store or downtown, she WALKED!  She would would walk miles to get to where she needed to go and if I was with her, guess who had to walk too?  lol  One day, while watching TV with her, I noticed that she was snacking on something green.  Curious, I asked what they were.  She told me there were, "nopales."  Nopales is Spanish for cactus.  Hmmm... I wondered at that point if that was the source of my grandmother's powers.  lol  Of course, as a grown man, I know there are no super powers, but I do think that nopales must be extremely healthy for you.  Many Spanish dishes have them as an ingredient and when I think back during my times with my grandma, she always had a healthy stack of nopales on hand.
It's no wonder that Nopalea is making waves.  I haven't had a chance to try this drink, but I do believe that it will help boost your immune system.  I've seen it first hand with my grandma.  For a woman in her 60s and 70s, she was extremely active and didn't seem to suffer from any joint pain, sickness, or anything other ailments that many of her peers suffered from.  Because of this, I feel confident that Nopalea will at least slightly improve your overall health, if not your overall lifestyle.  Trivita feels the same.  That's why they are offering a 32 oz. bottle of Nopalea free (retails for $39.99).  Well... not 100% free since you do have to pay shipping and handling.  Anyways, they ask to try Nopalea Wellness Challenge.  You drink 3 to 6 oz of Nopalea each day and track your progress on the wellness form that you will receive with your free bottle.  After a few weeks, you'll notice an improvement in your health and you'll have your own written testimony to prove it!  How awesome is that?!  So how do you score a free bottle?  Just call the 800 number in the image above and ask for one.  It's really that simple.

So what do you guys think of Nopalea?  Have you guys ever bought a wellness health drink before?  If so, were you happy with the results?  I would love to hear your stories!  Later!

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