Monday, September 24, 2012

Take Advantage of Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway

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Hey there.  Can you believe that we're in the middle of September already?  I've already seen halloween decorations up and at some local retailers, I've seen Thanksgiving decorations for sale.  You know what that means!!!  Holiday is shopping is right around the corner!  Oh man!  If you are anything like me, you're going to want to pick up awesome holiday gifts for your friends and family, but having to pay money upfront can cause a huge dent in my wallet.  It's one of the main reasons I take advantage of the layaway programs that are available at my local retailers.  You can set aside the gifts, a pay a little each week/month, get your gifts when you're done!  It's great!  But you know what would make it perfect???  Free.  Consumers LOVE free.  That's why I like to go to Kmart for their free layaway program.  While others may charge a small fee to hold your items, Kmart does not.  But they've made their layaway program even better.  Have you heard about the Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway???  No?!  Well... let me tell you!

Kmart's Big Layway Giveaway is nothing short than awesome!  They offer year long layaway service and will not charge a service fee.  Some of the other big name retailers (*cough *cough Walmart *cough *cough) will offer a layaway plan but will charge you a service fee.  Also, some of the other big name stores will have limitations as to what you can place on layaway.  Check out this chart showing you what Kmart offers with thier layaway plan compared to others.
Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg Not only does Kmart offer the best layaway service, they have one upped themselves this year with the Kmart Big Layaway Giveaway!  Once a week, from 9/9/12 to 11/17/12, every Kmart store will choose one lucky shopper's layaway items and pay off their remaining layaway balance for them!  You know what that means?!?!  If you are one of the lucky winners, Kmart will zero out your balance and you can claim your layaway items!!!  Imagine that?!  The kid's much wanted Playstation 3?  Paid off.  Dad's big screen TV?  Paid off.  Mom's much deserved tablet or laptop?  Paid off!!!  Holiday gifts taken care of simply for taking advantage of Kmart's great layaway program!

I already have a few items on layaway and it would be just awesome to win big and get that balance paid off.  i've had my eye on this 50" LCD flat screen TV that I'm finally indulging myself with.  I currently own a rear projection big screen TV.  Yeah... I know... it's time for an upgrade!  I've been good this year!  I deserve it!  lol

I know it's seems a little too soon to think of holiday shopping but it's never too early to start saving on holiday gifts.  Head on over to Kmart and place those holiday gifts on layaway.  Who knows, maybe you'll be on the lucky ones and have Kmart pay your layaway balance in full!  Later!
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