Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Photo a Day - Self Portrait

Hey there.  We're going to give this photo a day thing another try.  I was doing fairly well during the month of August but the death of my baby cousin practically destroyed my picture taking mood.  I told myself that I wanted to complete a full month of pictures and since this is the first of the month, we're going to start off the month with a picture.  The whole list for the month is above and today's picture is a self portrait.
Ummm... yeah.  That's me.  lol  Not too bad, right?  lol  I'm considered a funny guy and most of my pictures have at least a small bit of goofiness in them (one of my souvenir pictures from Las Vegas has me putting food in my mouth while every one is looking at the camera smiling and my gym membership picture is similar to the one above, lol).  It just makes life a little more fun, I think.  There's a time to be all serious and business like but you have to keep that small childlike personal alive in you to add some spice in your life.  I'll make sure to share the pics on Instagram, Facebook, and what not just so the whole world (or at least my followers) can see what kind of pictures I'm taking.

So who's up for the challenge with me?  Let's see your self portrait!  Leave a link in a comment if you're going to take part in the challenge and I'll make sure to stop by and check it out.  Later!


  1. This sounds like a lot of you mind if my blog joins you in this challenge?

  2. Go for it Natasha! I cant wait to check out your photos!

  3. I will start day 1 tomorrow....after I put my face on.

  4. OK Day 1 posted


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