Saturday, September 15, 2012

The PunchTab Loyalty Program and an Easy $5

Hey there.  Nothing anything different on my site?  No?  Oh man...  Look again?  Yeah, it's that toolbar thing at the bottom of the page.  That thing is powered by PunchTab and I've decided that it's time reward my readers and visitors by offering you guys a loyalty program.  You know, as a thanks for stopping by, commenting, sharing and what not.  The PunchTab loyalty program provides you guys points and tracks them for me.  You guys score 100 points for visiting each day, 100 points for commenting, 100 for sending out a tweet, 100 for liking a post, and another 100 for giving posts a Google +1.  With just a few actions a day, you can easily rack up points.  You can redeem those points for awesome stuff such as a Starbucks giftcard of a Groupon giftcard.  Pretty nifty, no?  But I'll sweeten the pot because, well... I'm just that kinda guy.  I was planning on starting this program next month but we'll go ahead and start it right away.  The top point scorer for the month will be awarded $5 via PayPal or a $5 Amazon giftcard.  Cold, hard cash as a thank you, my friends.

So why PunchTab?  Well... to be honest, I was looking for a widget to replace Rafflecopter.  Too many bogus entries on Rafflecopter and I had to weed them out myself.  I spent too much time doing that it was becoming a huge drag.  When I was told that PunchTab will verify the entries for me, I had to check it out and once I saw that they offered a loyalty program, well... that kind of did it for me.  It's a good thing too.  Overall, it's a better widget that offers more entries when you share the giveaway.  So in essence, you can score a huge amount of entries simply by sharing the giveaway across all of your social media platforms.  Not bad, huh.  Anyways, that's how it all happened and because of this change, because of the stat tracker, and because of the loyalty program, I decided to offer a quick $5 to the top point earner.  This is will go on until pretty much forever, or until PunchTab decides to get rid of their loyalty program.  lol  

So what do you guys think?  I can tell you already that based on 2 days worth of info, the top points earner has 500 points.  lol  Make sure to let me know what you think and snag a quick 100 points.  Later!


  1. I've noticed that several blogs that I visit have switched to PunchTab. After reading this, I'm surprised that there isn't a mass exodus, especially for those that host a lot of Rafflecopter giveaways.

  2. Hey there Bruce. I'm not sure how long PunchTab has been around but after trying it out, it simply is a better widget to use for giveaways. When you get thousands of entries and about a quarter of them are no good... there is something wrong with your widget. I felt that to be the case with Rafflecopter.

  3. well actually i don't really need laptop right now because i already had one.. but there's no harm in trying [in fact, it's free].. if i happen to win this laptop, it will be my greatest gift for my younger sister.. maybe because it will be my first gift to her.. . EVER... :) Goodluck to all of us!!!


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