Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gladiator Rock'n Run is Less Than a 2 Weeks Away

I'd be really proud of myself if I can anywhere close to the top 10!
Hey there.  The Gladiator Rock'n Run a little over a week away and I'm on the home stretch of my training.  I've been hitting the gym to gain endurance and work on my upper strength.  There's going to be some climbing going on so I want to make sure I'll be able to get over those obstacles.  My question, though, is whether I should push myself this final week or if I should cut it down so that I'm well rested for the run.  I want to push myself, there has been instances where I push myself during workouts and I can't even support myself with my arms, they are that sore.  Should I risk being too sore to finish the run?  Or do you believe that adrenaline will push me through?  I'm a pretty competitve guy so I don't just want to finish the run, I want to finish with a great time.  I want one of these awesome trophies that are given out to top finishers!

When training for an event, do you train up until the event or do you give yourself a few days of down time?  With the run just 9 days away, I'm curious to know which training method would work best.  Later!


  1. How did you do onthe gladiator rock and run? PF chang rock in roll marathon is coming soon. are you going to participate in that?

  2. Hey there Betty! I did fairly well, actually. I came in 89th place in my age group out of 1600 total participants. Not too bad, I think.


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