Saturday, September 15, 2012

2 Hello Kitty Watches and a Heart Necklace for $10

Hey there.  I don't post many deals but when I do, it's a deal that I took advantage of.  I have yet to meet a little girl (or young woman) that does NOT love Hello Kitty.  I am constantly buying my girls and my wife Hello Kitty stuff.  lol  And because Hello Kitty jewelry can be pricey, when I see a deal on Hello Kitty stuff, I jump on it!  That's when I stumbled across this great deal on Hello Kitty watches.  2 Hello Kitty watches and a heart necklace for under $10!  The retail price is $49.99.  You can't go wrong with that, my friends!  The deal is on Amazon so I suggest you jump on it now.  Prices on Amazon jump daily so the price can easily jump back up.  Check it out!!!  Later!

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