Monday, April 23, 2012

The Color Run was Freakin' Awesome

Hey there.  So yesterday was our first ever 5K.  I've wrote about it a few times before and if you don't know what The Color Run is, shame on you!  lol  If you don't know, I forgive you this time.  The Color Run is a short 5K run where you get splattered with paint after every kilometer.  We were a group of 4, but the kids went with us as well.  We found out that our youngest was able to run for free so my wife made him a number and pinned it to his shirt.  The older kids didn't miss out, though.  They didn't get a chance to run the 5K, poor planning on my part, but they did get a chance to join us at the finish line and be a part of the massive coloring celebration!  Enough talking!  On to the pics!

My wife and her nails are ready to go!
The wife and I pre race!!!
Entering the Blue Zone!
Entering the Pink Zone!
I did it, Dad!!!
The wife and I post race!
The Color Run, Irvine, CA 2012

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