Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Magic of Chucky and Child's Play

Hi, I'm Chucky wanna play?
Hey there.  It's Friday night and we're hanging out at home looking for a movie to watch.  We could go out and catch a just released film but we decided to browse through Netflix to see what we could find.  What we decided on was Child's Play, the 1988 cult classic.  The kids haven't seen it.  They're more into the new stuff.  They care not for 80s awesome unless I bring it up and tell them about it.  I always said how some of my earliest memories are that of my dad and I staying up watching movies on HBO.  I'm sure my mother didn't approve.  I was no more than 8 years old or so and there I was, watching Child's Play, Poltergeist, The Exorcist, Phantasm, Hellraiser, you know, movies along those lines.  Looking back at them now, they aren't really child material and I wouldn't show my kids stuff like that at that young of an age.  Anyways, Child's Play came up on Netflix and there I go, saying how awesome it is that we just have to watch it.

Before the movie even starts, I tell the kids about how I used to watch it so much, I would be able to recite the whole movie from beginning to end.  I even did a little scene for the kids.  They laughed.  The wife tossed a boot at me.  Lmao!  That's just how we have fun at the Metallman household.  Now, let me tell you that when I first saw the movie, it terrified the crap out of me.  Not so much the movie, but the story line itself.  A talking doll that came to life.  You, know... it was during a time when Teddy Ruxpin did the same thing that Chucky was doing.  Don't think I didn't keep an eye on my toys!  lol  After some time, once that fear subdued, it hit me.  That fear, that paranoia, that uneasiness was what made those movies great.  And you know what...  I love that horror flicks.  Even though they are just stories made for the big screen, when the imagination starts running wild, it creates that rush that I just love.  Tonight, I saw that fear in action in my kids and my wife.
In nightmares since 1988
Sometime during the middle of the film, the door knob on front door starts to wiggle.  "Did you hear that?", the wife says.  We all heard it but my wife and oldest daughter were alarmed by it.  I was expecting my brother in law to walk in so I told them to ignore it and continue to watch the film.  A minute or so later, no one came in the front door.  Hmmm... curious.  But then, a door flings open and a light comes on in the hallway.  My wife jumped up, semi petrified.  I can see her trying to be brave as to not to scare the kids.  My daughter got up from lying down and whispered, "I'm scared."  At that point, I decided to get up and investigate.  I check the front door and my brother in law walked in along with my mother in law.  I asked where my father in law is and she said he decided to come in through the back door.  Mysteries solved.  But that imagination turned everyday sights and noises into something more scary.  Ah... the magic of a great horror film.  lol  Later!


  1. Your wife should have tossed a boot at them as well for scaring the crap out of you guys'. ;)

    I do remember all those classic horror films as a kid. My step-dad, the a-hole he was decided to tell us kids that Chucky lived under our bed after watching one of his movies, so that we would be too afraid to get out of it. To this day I still don't like putting my feet off the bed and onto the carpet when it's dark. lol

  2. I love chucky but after the first 3 the series went to s***! Hopefully the reboot their making will bring back some of the greatness of the originals!

  3. Hey there Austin. I heard that the remake was going to try and capture the darkness of the original Child's Play and move away from the "cheesy" Chucky. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out.


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