Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Back into the Writing Game

Hey there.  I would like to take this minute to say, I'm sorry.  Sorry for the short posts and sorry for the lack of more personal, "in depth" kind of stuff that I mean to post from time to time.  Sorry to the many sites that I SHOULD be contributing, but simply could not because I didn't have the means.  Well, let's rephrase that.  I had the means, but only during certain times of the day and for short period of times.  It sucks to have to squeeze out content within a few minutes and when it's rushed, it's not of good quality.  So instead of churning out crap, I decided to take a step back, regroup, and make sure that when I contribute to a site, it will be of some value instead of filler.  So again, I'm sorry if I have gone MIA the last few weeks/months but it's not because I did not want to contribute, it's because I respect your site enough to bow out in order to keep the content quality high.

I'm glad that I finally received my laptop.  I needed it to increase my site quality and to express myself more like I used to.  I've already missed out on several milestone posts (blogaversary, kids' b days, Valentine's Day, etc. etc.) where pictures, ideas, and thoughts were available but the computer was not.  I cannot count the times that I had a great post topic in my mind only to have to it be lost in the sea of thoughts because I did not have a computer readily available.  Well, those days are now gone.  Now that I have a laptop at my disposal, I can get back to writing those thoughts and not miss out on them anymore.

So to all of you that stuck around, participate in the giveaways, and comment on other posts... thanks.  I really appreciate you guys sticking around.  Now... it's time to create some magic and schedule some posts! Later!!!

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  1. By the way, what kind of laptop do you have? Do you have an iphone or itouch? I find those to be the most convenient.


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