Saturday, April 28, 2012

Derrick Rose Hurt: Chicago Bulls Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game 1

Derrick Rose clutches his knee during the Bulls 103 - 91 win over the 76ers
Hey there.  The NBA Playoffs are here!!!  I love basketball.  I love to follow the Lakers and all of the Hollywood shenanigans that follow them.  But once the playoffs start, I try to watch all the games because this is the top 16 teams playing for a championship.  The playoffs tipped off with Game 1 of the Chicago Bulls vs the Philadelphia 76ers.  The Bulls are superior team.  They should win this series easily.  With a strong line up of Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah, the 76ers just don't have the players to match up with them.  With a little over a minute to go in the game, the 76ers chances got a little better:  Even though the Bulls took game 1 against the 76ers, their championship run took a big hit.  Derrick Rose is injured.

Looking at the replays, at first I thought that Rose's knee bumped into another players, but it didn't look like it did.  Rose went up for a shot, after a quick cut, and while in the air, he tried to get rid of the ball to clutch his knee.  He was down for several minutes and needed to be helped off the court.  Extremely unfortunate for Rose, the Bulls, and their championship dreams.  There still is no word on whether or not the injury is serious, but what I know, if you need help getting off the court, it's somewhat serious.

Derrick Rose has been battling injuries all season long.  The condensed season has cause several injuries to many players, including big name players such as Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant, but Rose missed 27 or the 66 games played this season.  He's been in and out of the line up but the Bulls have done a great job of landing that #1 seed in the East with their captain battling injuries.  But let's get something straight, the Bulls need Rose to be great in order for them to reach the finals.  The Heat are killing the Knicks (up 37 in the 4th at the writing of this post) and if the Bulls are to compete with them, they will need his leadership.

2012 NAB Playoffs...  Oh yeah!
One of the big reason why I love the NBA Playoffs more than the NFL Playoffs is because it's a best of 7.  You play your opponent several times to assure that the better team will win.  It leaves very little to chance.  Even with an injury (or a SUSPENSION), your team still has time to adjust and play for that title.  Hopefully, Rose's injury will not keep him off the team for the rest of the playoffs.  The top 16 teams are playing for the NBA title.  If Rose is out for a few games, I'm sure the Bulls can survive.  If he's out indefinitely,  it sucks to see that one of the top teams will not continue with their star player on the court.  Later!

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