Friday, January 13, 2012

Kat Dennings and 2 Broke Girls

This, my friends, is Kat Dennings
Hey there. Who is this Kat Dennings character? I recently started watching the TV show 2 Broke Girls with the wife and she seems to be fascinated by Kat Dennings.  When word got out that she was to be in a new sitcom, the wife was intrigued and needed to watch it. Me, finding ways to spend more time with my wife, decided that it would be a good idea to watch it with her. I know Kat Dennings from the film Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist and that was pretty much it. Until recently, I haven't given much thought to her. But now that I'm watching 2 Broke Girls on NBC, I find myself intrigued by her and the show.

For those of you not familiar with the show, Max (Kat Dennings), a sassy and streetwise waitress who meets Caroline (Beth Behrs), an uptown girl that is down on her luck. While working together as waitresses, Caroline discovers Max's love for baking cupcakes. After convincing Max that they should start a business together, they find themselves in precarious situations in an attempt to raise money to start their cupcake business.
I want a bite!!!
I don't think this show is all that great. Actually, after watching an episode or two, I certainly thought that this show would lose me. But then something happened... the show grew on me.  Kat Dennings' performance started to win me over. Not because she's a great actress or anything like that, but because I realized that she made the show fun. It's raunchy and the jokes are childish. The sexual puns are thrown in every few minutes and the great thing about the whole thing is that Dennings seems like such a natural delivering those lines.  It's almost as if she's been doing it her whole life.  lol  You know, maybe she is a good actress and I just wrote her off as another pretty face.  Then again, she always seems to play the smart ass/rebellious character so maybe it's just so easy for her to play the character of Max.

Yeah!  You!
Then there is Caroline.  Beth Behrs is great at portraying the high class, rich girl that it perfectly balances the the sass created by Dennings.  I'm not saying that the writing is top notch, I'm not saying that this is a much watch show.  What I am saying that if you just want to watch something that's fun, you should catch 2 Broke Girls.  Max faintly reminds me of the Al Bundy (played by the great Ed O'Neal) from Married With Children.  Al was down on his luck and he had such a low outlook on life, but he always took solace in the little things in life.  Max may not be at Al's level, but they're definitely in the same class.  I didn't realize the similarity between their characters until I was several episodes in.  I love watching Married With Children on TV and as of right now... I don't mind watch 2 Broke Girls.  Maybe one day, I love it as much as my wife does.  Later!


  1. What's weird is that someone else posted about KAT on facebook, and then I seen your post. Now it all makes sense. LOL

    I love raunchy and childish jokes, so maybe I should check this show out!

    BTW, nice layout. ;)

  2. I haven't seen the show but I loved your review about it. Nice touch on spending more time with the wife. That is a perfect way to spend time together because you will always know what she is talking about. You just have to be a good listener and know what she is talking about when she says, "Do you remember when Kat Dennings.... ". I'm like you I don't know much about the girl or gave her any thought. That is until my co-worker from DISH mentioned the show and how she loved Kat Denning being in it. I thought I would check it out on to see how I feel about it but first I wanted to check out some reviews. Looks like, no one really has a problem with the show. So looks like something I am for sure going to look into. I hope it is all on so I can catch up. Cross your fingers for me!


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