Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reducing the Glare From Your Glasses

Great picture of my son and I...  but it would
 have been better if that glare was gone!
Hey there.  I wear my glasses all the time.   And I mean, ALL THE TIME.  lol  I only take them off when I shower and sleep.  I just can't see without them and when I can't see, it frustrates me.  So I simply will keep them on to avoid that.  But because I keep them on all the time, especially during sports activities, they end up breaking more often than not.  At one point in my life, I must have been going at a rate of 2 pairs of glasses a year.  Anyways, because I always have em them on, I tend to have plenty of pictures with glares on them.  Annoying, right?  I know that there have been more than a few pictures where everything was perfect except for those bright lights where my eyes should be.  It can be quite annoying to take several pictures to avoid that dreaded "glasses glare" in pictures.  What I need to look into are these new oleophobic lenses that will reduce glares on lenses!

I've heard about it and I'm reading up that they not only stop reflections, but they also repel water and oil.  The coating on the lenses seem to be so awesome, that the lenses are easy to clean and have this  not even there quality to them.  It's almost as if they are super clean windows.  You know, the ones that are so clean and spotless that you just have to reach out and touch it make sure it's there.  lol  I'm sure that you can get these lenses anywhere, but why pay for more when you can get them for less.  I'm sure that if you head on over to Zinni, you would be able to cut out the middle man and get a great price on these lenses.  I mean, they already provide low prices for frames and everything else related to glasses, why not this as well?

So have you been victimized by the glasses glare recently?  I've kind of trained myself to remove my glasses during "important" pictures but I'm not happy doing that.  When people see and meet me, they meet me with my glasses on and that's how I would like to take pictures as well.  When is my next check up?  I think I'm going to ask for oleophobic lenses next time around!  Later!


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