Thursday, January 19, 2012

Earn Amazon Gift Cards with Swagbucks

Hey there.  I recently became a member of a new site in hopes of earning a few bucks to spend on  I've been rewarded with a few Amazon gift cards and I love the fact that you can enter the gift cards at Amazon and it will keep a running balance of the gift cards that you redeem.  Once you're ready to check out, it automatically deducts what you have available BEFORE asking for alternate form of payment.  How awesome is that?!?!  Anyways, Swagbucks has been the answer that I looking for.  Earn swagbucks for searching the web, answering surveys, participating in daily polls, participating in Twitter Tuesday, etc. etc.  You redeem your swagbucks at their store for some pretty awesome stuff.  I'm not going to lie, I'm in it solely to redeem Amazon gift cards!  So.. why the need to let you know?  Because I recently was accepted into their blogging program so I can now let you know about their upcoming events!  If you haven't joined yet, you definitely should check it out.  Here's what's in store for next week!

"Get your pom-poms ready, folks, because starting on Monday Swagbucks is holding Spirit Week! Every day next week they will be celebrating a different holiday. Each day will be filled with fun, activities, and surprises. They'll be announcing every holiday the evening before in our Swagbucks blog. Make sure you keep track of each day's Swag Codes, as you will need them at the end of the week in order to earn a big, juicy reward. It's the most fun you can have getting your reward points for free stuff!"

I've already managed to earn a few gift cards.  It's real easy and let's face it, when you can score on easy stuff, who wouldn't want to do it?!  See you all there!  Later!


  1. Hey, if you are earning free Amazon gift cards you can always use those to help sponsor contests too instead of Paypal cash since I mostly buy the items from Amazon anyway.

  2. That's a good idea, Justin. I would redeem them right away but I think I will keep the codes to use for sponsorship!


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