Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting the New Year with Fitness

We're doing what now?!
Hey there. 2012 is upon us and while many people have decided to start some new resolutions, I've decided to continue one that I've been working on for a few years now. I know that many new year's resolutions die by the end of the month so you need to see them as what they are, goals. I plan on kick starting my exercise routine and the wife actually provided the jump start tonight. As of last night, 5 mile walks will be taken nightly.

My wife has been taking walks while I'm at work but I need to get off my butt and get as active as she is. Last night's 5 mile walk kicked my ass. Lol. I haven't been to the gym in months but I've managed to do some push ups here and there but it's simply not enough. I think I was at about 180 lbs for a short time but thinking back, I don't think it was a healthy 180 lbs.  While walking (and really it's more like a slow run), I began to feel the burn in my legs after 15 mins! Wow! That's some real bad cardio on my part. I'm really looking forward to these walks. Aside from the health benefits, I'm looking forward to spending some alone time with the wife. It's tough to find time to ourselves with a full house. Yeah, you parents out there know what I'm talking about.

So what are you guys planning to do differently this year? What resolutions have you tried? Did you succeed or fail? Let's hear it, friends. Later!


  1. At Geek Preview, we're starting out Kinect Fitness Project to lose weight.  I'm currently at an unhealthy 200 lbs (yikes!)  I'd really like to lose the pounds and I've partnered with some Kinect game developers to put the system (and myself) to the test.

    I will stick to a certain diet while doing 30-45 minutes of workout from their workout game and 15-345 minutes of gameplay from their Twister game.  I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. That is freakin' awesome! Can't wait to see how well you do. Kinect is no joke. It definitely gets you moving and before you know it, you've had a good cardio session. I haven't tried the fitness 'games' but Rise of Nightmares and Kinect Adventures do it for me. Keep me posted! Later!


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