Friday, January 6, 2012

Metallman's Reverie: Blog Income and Traffic Report December 2011

Hey there.  December is in the the books and it's time to report on how well on (or off) pace we are in reaching my $2500 goal for the year. Let's take a look at the numbers:

SocialSpark - $38.95
Dad Central - $105.00
Blogsvertise - $10.00
Sponsored Tweets - $26.05
Payperpost - $34.50
Total for December - $214.50
YTD Total - $2,629.95 (+$129.95 ahead of pace)

We did it!  We shattered the early goal of $1700, or whatever it was and now, exceeded the new goal of $2500 by $129.95.  WHOO HOO!!!  I can finally ditch my job and blog full time!!!!  Oh wait... no I can't.  lol   Well... maybe one day, just not this day!  Let's take a look at the numbers.

Dad Central took cake this month and was my top money maker this year.  They have always come up with some fun and interesting campaigns for me to take part in and last month was no different.  I hope that 2012 will continue to see me and Dad Central work extremely well together.

SocialSpark continued it's steady flow of opportunities and earning potential.  I cashed out a little early last month (I don't remember why...) so my earnings there seem lower than usual.  I do hope to see an increase in earnings since I am now a part of the Izea Media Network and have been accepted to participate in their ad campaign.  I've been using it for a little over a week now and it seems like it'll bring a nice chunk of change to my blog's cash flow.  Only time will tell but it's definitely looking good.

Blogsvertise continues to disappoint.  They're offers have been few but I have seen a recent increase in activity.  I'm not giving up on them just yet since they do offer intriguing opportunities from time to time.  Let's hope that will be the case for 2012.

Payperpost will sprout up posts from time to time.  I'm not sure how long these funds have been sitting there but I never seem to make it to the $50 minimum before cashing out.

Sponsored Tweets continues to be steady.  Actually, the tweets come is bursts.  It'll be slow there for a week or so and then several opportunities come knocking at once.  Because you need to accept them within the allotted time, this makes for several sponsored tweets to go out at around the same time.  That's probably the only gripe that I have with them but it's only occurred during this past month or so.  I don't think it'll continue to be a problem if you even want to call it that.

All my traffic numbers show improvement over last month.  I'm still not too happy that my bounce rate is over 90% and I really want want to get that number down this month.  I plan on linking to articles that I write on other sites from here starting this month so I'm hoping that those clicks will help reduce the bounce rate.  I'll experiment with them and see how that goes.  

Thank you all for stopping by.  2011 was a huge success.  I wish you all a great new year and here's to a prosperous 2012.  CHEERS!!!!


  1. I'm having an even bigger issue with Blogsvertise. After completely one task that was estimated to pay nearly $3,000, the actual amount Blogsvertise paid was closer to $67. This happened in February and after months of being told that they were looking into it, I finally mentioned about having my legal person contact to help resolve this a little sooner.

    They quickly stopped responding, and finally I called them 732.526.1156 and then posted my question on their Facebook page. I got a very fast e-mail back after that from Marie Oriss saying that a man named Rob would be looking into this. I'm assuming this was the same boss Rob that she'd been telling me for months was looking into this. I tried calling today, but 'Rob' is out of the office like 'Marie Oriss' was the other day and was promised a prompt call back, but none came.

    I'm noticing that a lot of people are also having similar issues so post them is you are since it's just not right. 
    I can't recommend Social Spark and ST enough as they've paid promptly without any issues.  From the multitude of e-mail I got when I Tweeted about the Blogsvertise issue, I realize there's a lot of very disgruntled people that have been shortchanged by them.

  2. Now that's a nice bit of income coming in, will you be investing it in your blog or enjoying it ;)

  3. I did a little bit of both throughout the year! All work and no play makes Metallman a dull boy. Lol


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