Thursday, March 17, 2011

Using to Get Kids Active

Hey there.  You know, I've been on a mission to better myself and as I browse the internet to find ways to be more active, I realized that I should get the kids to be a little more active too.  My wife and I have noticed that the kids are not playing outside as much as they should be.  The oldest is sitting in front of the XBOX, the girls are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror, and the baby... well... he's a toddler now, but you know they're like a walking tornado at times so they get their exercise.  lmao

Anyways, I looking to see if maybe I could find some kind of classes and camps where the kids can be more productive with their time.  Whether it be a sport, music lessons, or overall confidence boosting experiences.  That's when I stumbled across  They have a huge listing of activity providers, camps, or preschools to get young ones more involved in better themselves.  You simply enter your zip code and the site will search your area for nearby activity providers such as a YMCA.  It's perfect to get the kids up and learning a new sport or skill.

Another awesome aspect of is their Kids Scholarship program.  Every 3 months, they provide $100 to a lucky winner to keep their kids active.  You can earn an entry to win by filling out a small and simple form and stating how you would use the money to keep your kids active.  Piano lessons, swimming lessons, basketball fees... you can use the money for whatever it takes to keep kids active.

Check out the site, friends.  It's good to know where you can stop by for some fun activities with the kids.  Especially if you're a stay at home mom or dad.  Once the kids are off from school (or don't attend school yet), you can check out the website and schedule a fun day.  You can also be a part of the Get Kids Active!  Facebook Campaign and get tips on how to get kids active via their facebook page.  It's an awesome site and one that you should definitely bookmark.  Have fun!  Later!

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