Friday, March 25, 2011

Do Your Hosting HW with Web Hosting Geeks

Hey there friends.  You know, when I was searching for a domain name, I also went on the hunt to find a good web host for my blog.  Most you know that I already have a difficult time with change but the domain one was an easy choice.  Really?  That's too long and there's a hyphen in there.  I needed something quick and easy. was available and I jumped on it.  Then it was time for the web host.

I went through many a web hosting directory and I couldn't find what I was looking for.  A great rating system, easy pricing guide, features, etc. etc.  Not until I found the Web Hosting Geeks site that I was satisfied with a directory that showed everything that I needed to make a wise decision.  Just take a look at this Fat Cow review.  It has everything you need in a very organized star rating system to assist in your web hosting decision.

As for me, I'm still being hosted by Blogger.  The domain change was an easy decision... the web hosting, not so much.  I've gotten used to the layout and how Blogger works that jumping ship may make it difficult for me to learn how to use and get accustomed to a new host and layout.  Then again, I might do something crazy one day and just do it.  If that day were to happen, at least I'd know where to look to make sure I don't make a dumb mistake and over pay for web hosting!  lol  Later!

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