Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pro Drums for Rock Band 3

Hey there.  Since I am looking for new and alternate ways to workout, does anyone want to buy these for me?  lol  I know for a fact that it's a killer work out once you get to the Hard and Expert levels.  I'm never tried the pro mode before though but looking at Travis Barker, I'm sure that drumming keeps you slim.  lol  Later!
If there is anything plastic that I want to bang, this is it.  lol


  1. My boyfriend has a pro drum set, but it's from a different brand. I could ask him what brand it is if you'd like. They cost him about $200 bucks though...and he definitely gets a work out! He's actually getting quite in his arms and legs from drumming ;) Yay for me! lol

  2. Hey there Chelsea,

    Yay for you? lmao Oh man, that was funny. Yeah, I know which ones you are talking about. They are the metal set and that looks awesome. The above ones are on sale at Amazon for like $130. I would prefer the metal ones, though. Especially with kids around, you definitely want to go with the more durable stuff. lol Yeah, I used to get a good workout playing rockband drums but I haven't played them in a while. I'm thinking of taking it up as cardio. Especially if you're playing in the more difficulty settings. Later!

  3. i don't have any knowledge about drums but i have lil about Guitar. my friend franke know about drums and at week end we all friends are together and play songs.
    its totally aw! for us.


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