Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Brother in Law is Getting Married Today

Hey there.  Today, my brother in law is getting married.  Congrats to my other little brother!  He and his GF have decided to tie the knot and the after party is going to be in our place.  We've spent a lot of time decorating the back yard and prepping it for 100 guests or so.  The only thing missing are the centerpieces, which he's picking up right now, and will be heading over here to place them on the tables.  Check it out:
Not too bad, right?  The wife is getting the girls ready right now.  We have approx. 3 hours before we're off to meet with the in laws.  This is where it's a huge advantage to being a man.  I can get ready in about 15 mins or so.  lol  I guess breakfast and baby watching will fall on me this morning while the wife is curling up the girls' and her hair.  I'll catch up with you guys post ceremony.  Later!


Just as I was finishing this post, my brother in law came with the centerpieces.  They definitely add some color to the tables and look pretty damn nice.  Check it out.
What a difference a few centerpieces can make, huh.  Later!


  1. the wood dance floor is hilarious!!!

  2. Hey there Lucy,

    A wooden dance floor is better than no dance floor! I need to post about the party! Later!