Monday, March 7, 2011

US Military Loans

Hey there.  I have a few friends over in the military and one of the great benefits, aside from serving our country, is all the great programs that help their families.  Whether it be grants, benefits, or loans.  One branch of the military, United States Marine Corps, have such great programs and if you or your loved one is in the military, you must take a look at the VA purchase options that offer awesome rates for home purchases.

It's part of the American dream to own a home, but let's be honest with ourselves.  Buying a home while serving your country is not easy on your own.  This is why these great programs were created, to offer help to those that decide to help their country.  They'll provide loans to those enlisted and their rates will be some of the lowest you'll find.  But what if you already obtained a mortgage before you enlisted?  You can still take advantage of the low VA refinance rates that are available.  Either way, you're in prime position to save money and buy that dream house for your family.

Don't just be a hero to your country, be a hero to your wallet as well.  Take advantage of the great programs readily available to you, our troops, and continue to be proud of being an American.  Later!

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