Monday, September 6, 2010

A Restless 3 Day Weekend

Hey there.  Happy Labor Day to all!  Our labor day weekend has been a restless one.  Our baby stated showing signs on sickness Friday evening and he had a stuffy nose through out the night.  That didn't let him sleep much so we were up most of the night trying to make him comfortable.  Come Saturday, he's in full blown sickness...  coughing, slight fever, and runny nose.  Needless to say, sleep wasn't meant to be for Saturday night.  Sunday... he seemed a little better, but now our daughter and son start with a sore throat and some coughing here and there.  Oh man...  The baby has gotten some of the older kids sick.  Come Sunday night, our son woke up close to midnight and refused to go to sleep.  Before I knew it, it was close to 4 am and we were still up trying to comfort him.

We had plans to go to the LA County Fair but most of the kids are sick, the baby is being fussy, and now I'm beginning to feel a sore throat.  Oh man... so much for an activity filled weekend.  My bro did come over on Saturday and I managed to win a game against him in Madden 11.  Believe it or not, I've never really played much of the Madden series so I'm awful at it... but we made it somewhat exciting and interesting!  lol 

Ugh...  Now I'm sneezing... greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...  Hope we start feeling better soon.  Until then, later.


  1. I hope the whole family feels better soon! Not fun when the little ones are sick, and than you get it. I escaped the last bout of sickness but my husband got it bad. I rather be sick than him since he whines worse than the kids lol.

  2. Hey there Alison,

    I rarely get sick. It's usually the other way around... The family is sick and I'm not. It sucks when I do get sick, though. It's like if it hits me harder than it should and it just plain ol' sucks!


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