Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pimp Your Ride with Dual Electronics Latest Mobile Receiver

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Hey there friends. How many of you have fumbled through CDs to find the right tunes to play while out for a drive? I know I have. I'll be in the mood to Rock out to some Metallica and don't have the CDs in the car or I'll be in the mood for more epic, like Queen, but again, not have the CDs in the car. It's a bummer that my car didn't come with a mobile receiver, like many new cars of today do. You know... those built in MP3 players and what not. That's why I was thinking of upgrading my system with the Dual Electronics XDMA6630 mobile receiver.

I have been browsing for one for some time now and I love that this one has Bluetooth connectivity and functionality, front panel USB ports for an iPod, iPhone, or other mobile device, 2 RCA preamp outputs, and a 3.5 mm aux input.  This thing is perfect.  Instead of fumbling through 10 CDs or so, plug in your iPod and choose EXACTLY what you want to hear.  That's 1000's of songs at the touch of the button without all the CDs.  It plays music in WMA and MP3 formats and if you still will want to carry CDs after buying this, it also plays CDs.  lol

I want one of these.  It's time that I up the cool factor of the car with a more updated car audio system.  Believe it or not... the car audio system that we have now still has the tape slot!  TAPES!  Time for an upgrade.  Check out Dual Electronics audio systems here and look to give your sound system a boost!  Later!

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