Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Vacation in Kissimmee Florida

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends. The more I read about Kissimmee, Florida, the more I am compelled to take a trip there. When you think about it, who doesn't want to take a trip to an American paradise? It has awesome weather, sandy beaches, and with those of us with kids (or at least a kid at heart), Disneyworld is just a short drive away.  This is definitely an ideal travel destination for those of us looking for a get away from the daily grind of our work lives.

For those of us looking for a little bit of nature, there is a heritage trail, hiking, boating,  kayaking, fishing, and they just recently added a zip line to their great outdoors so you can zoom through the sky and take in the beautiful scenery from above!  For the kid in us, we have the theme parks that usually garner all the attention of central Florida, and with good reason.  With Disneywold being minutes away, who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon with the beloved Disney charaters?  And for those of us just wanting a relaxing time.  Bird watching, beaches, , lakes, parks and golf courses are in abundance and should provide you with the "me time" that we all desperately need from time to time.

I wouldn't mind taking a trip there to check out the outdoors.  Maybe book a room at the Super 8 Kissimmee Suites.  I'll have to admit that price would determine where we stay since we're pretty much just use the place to sleep.  lol  So much to do that we wouldn't be spending much time in the room.  I would definitely want to do the zip line and maybe a little kayaking. I think there's enough shopping here in Los Angeles so I wouldn't want to spend my vacation time in stores, but there is a nightlife there that my wife and I would like to check out.  The Saturday Nite Cruise®, featuring over 300 classic cars sounds like an awesome way to spend an evening!

I don't see why anyone would NOT want to spend a weekend (or a week) in Kissimmee, Florida.  I'm from the west coast of the US and I wouldn't mind checking out the south east coast for a change!  With all that it has to offer, you have to consider Kissimmee, Florida as a top choice vacation spot.  Later!

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