Monday, September 13, 2010

Motivational Monday - Age

Hey there.  I love the NFL!  I'm glad that it's back.  Look for my Heavy Metal Rankings to hit tomorrow, once the Monday night games have come to pass.  I used to do all 32 teams, but I'll be honest... It's tough to rank them all so I'll just do the top 9 (cause that's how I roll) and provide some personal thoughts on my Oakland Raiders (yeah, I'm serious).  lol  But boy, and I happy the NFL season started and some real good football has taken place!  And to start it all off was the Vikings vs the Saints on Thursday night.  I was excited to see a old fashion shoot out... What we got was an aging Brett Favre with no receivers and a Saints offense that were not quite in sync yet.  Except for a few plays here and there, Favre looked every bit of 40.  Still... I hope he does well this year, but it will be tough with out his top receivers!  So here's to you, old man Brett.  Good luck!

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