Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Schedule Those Car Check Ups

Hey there.  You know, a friend of mine was recently in Azirona and he found himself needing his 2001 Ford Escort checked out.  Turns out that his water pump needed to be replaced.  Now, I usually do my own car maintenance.  Well, what I consider the small stuff at least.  This guy just doesn't bother with it.  As soon as he "feels" it's time for a check up, he'll get it done sooner or later...  and it's usually later. Luckily for him, he found a Phoenix auto repair shop using his phone.

I like to think that I'm pretty handy when it comes to that.  I've been able to check and change all the common maintenance issues, such as motor oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, and the serpentine belts.  Recently, I've been showing my boy how to check it out himself so that he can have the know how to get it done himself.  But the two things that I have not been able to take care of have been the timing belt and the water pump. Unlike my friend, I get those checked every year to avoid such things as being stranded in the desert. 

So take this as a public service announcement, make sure to get the car checked up on some sort of schedule.  Especially if you're living in high temperature places.  Cars overheat, tires wear down, water pumps burst, and belts snap.  We rely on our cars more than we should!  Avoid spending a fortune on emergency repairs when you can get those checked out and repair or replace those important parts BEFORE some serious damage takes place.  Later!

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