Friday, April 11, 2014

Helpful tips for a Healthy Financial Future with this SpendSmart Infographic

Hey there.  You know, I haven't been posting as much as I want to this past month or so.  Not because I'm being lazy of anything like that, it's because I have been in the middle of purchasing a home!  YAY!  It's been a hectic time for me and I simply have not had the time to post.  Now that that is behind me, it's time to start posting, it's time to start decorating, but most importantly, it's time to spend SMARTLY!  Utilities, furniture, services, home items... those are all on our list and we can very easily lose track of our finances.  That's why I wanted to share this neat infographic on how to spend wisely.  It offers more than a few tips to assure that you're finances don't get away from you.  Whether you just purchased a home or you just want to get a stranglehold of your money, these tips will help guide you!  And, if you have a teen in your household, this inforgraphic is a MUST read!  In this digital age, money may seem like it grows on trees when it's so easy to just charge it on a card.  Read the infographic, stay informed, and stay on top of your finances.  Later!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Super Mario Bros. 3 is Coming to the Nintendo Virtual Console on April 17th

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the king of 8 bit games.
Get if your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U this April 17!
Hey there.  SUPER MARIO BROS. 3!!!  Possibly the best Mario Game ever to hit home consoles will finally have a chance to show its stuff to the younger generation!  This April 17th, the game will be available on the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Consoles.  Don't tell me that you are not excited!  The Nintendo eShop already has a great line up of classic Nintendo games but it is now filling in that huge hole that was left there by the absence of Super Mario Bros. 3.  So how much will this monumental game cost you?  How about $5.  Yup, you can pick it up for $4.99!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's Chat $25 PayPal Giveaway

Hey there.  Who's ready to win some cash?  How does $25 sound?  I've teamed up with more than a few awesome bloggers and the Momo Powered Media Group to bring you this great giveaway.  Check out the details below!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You Can be a Winner in an Online Lottery

Hey there. If you have ever wanted to play a lottery, then consider one that you can play online. Many of the rules are the same as you would find on a lottery ticket. Most states have some type of lottery that you can enter, but there could be fees for different states in order for you to play some of the games or to enter. Most lotteries have a minimum age of 18 years old. Some states have a minimum subscription such as $20 in order to play. As in a ticket that you would purchase from a store, you can choose your own lottery numbers. You can also use a service where the state randomly picks the numbers for you. If you have lucky numbers that you like, then you might want to avoid this option. When you subscribe and pay the fees, you can then purchase tickets. The tickets are normally $1, but some states have tickets that are higher. These tickets usually have a higher payout, but it is sometimes harder to win because there are more people who play the higher amounts. If you win in the lottery, you will be notified, and a confirmation of your ticket purchased is sent to your email.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant VoxBox Review

Hey there.  There are many deodorants out there on the market.  And let's not kid ourselves, some of the ads and commercials for those deodorants can be quite persuasive.  But you know what... Nothing speaks more than actually trying out the product.  That's why I was pretty excited about receiving the SpeedStick GEAR VoxBox from our good friends at Influenster.  I've seen and heard about it and even caught a commercial or two about its 24 hour protection, but I never got around to trying out a stick.  There's no excuse now!  The Speed Stick GEAR VoxBox provided me with 2 Speed Stick GEAR deodorant with drycore technology.  After switching it out with my regular deodorant stick for about 2 weeks, I can now give you guys some feedback as to how awesome this antiperspirant is.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Still Using Incandescent Light bulbs? Let Sylvania Light the Way!

Sylvania Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Light weight, lasts longer, AND saves you money on energy!
Hey there.  Are you still using incandescent light bulbs?  I used to.  I changed out my light bulbs not too long ago with the more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  But what I didn't know is that there are more choices other than that.  Did you know that there are LED bulbs as well?  I sure didn't.  And I'm not the only one.  The below video is a short video about a set of parents that are about to get schooled by their daughter.  Check it out.