Friday, April 11, 2014

Helpful tips for a Healthy Financial Future with this SpendSmart Infographic

Hey there.  You know, I haven't been posting as much as I want to this past month or so.  Not because I'm being lazy of anything like that, it's because I have been in the middle of purchasing a home!  YAY!  It's been a hectic time for me and I simply have not had the time to post.  Now that that is behind me, it's time to start posting, it's time to start decorating, but most importantly, it's time to spend SMARTLY!  Utilities, furniture, services, home items... those are all on our list and we can very easily lose track of our finances.  That's why I wanted to share this neat infographic on how to spend wisely.  It offers more than a few tips to assure that you're finances don't get away from you.  Whether you just purchased a home or you just want to get a stranglehold of your money, these tips will help guide you!  And, if you have a teen in your household, this inforgraphic is a MUST read!  In this digital age, money may seem like it grows on trees when it's so easy to just charge it on a card.  Read the infographic, stay informed, and stay on top of your finances.  Later!
How to Spend SmartPresented by SpendSmart


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