Friday, November 9, 2012

Egraphs are the Autographs for the Digital Age
Hey there.  I'm a sports fan.  I've attending a few sporting events and I've always dreamed of having one of my favorite players sign something for me.  Whether it be a picture, towel, ball, whatever.  I just want to say that I have my favorite player's picture and have that to cherish for the rest of my life.  The problem?  It's tough to get anywhere near your sports idols these days.  And having things signed is great and all... IF YOU TAKE PRISTINE CARE OF YOUR ITEM.  The last thing you would want is to have it smudge, stained, torn, or lost.  That's why I think that these Egraphs are pretty awesome!  Check it out!

Egraphs are the autographs of the digital age.  You can purchase an Egrpah from one of the many sports figures available and select the picture that you would like the player to sign for you.  You will not only receive an Email with your picture and the the player's signature, you'll also get 2 custom messages from the star!  2!!!  That's pretty awesome!  You will get a written message from the player, on the picture you chose and you will receive a voice recording from the player.  Not only do you get the autograph that you've been wanting but you get personal messages!!!  And if you want to order a frame of your Egraph, you can.  It will come with a certificate of authenticity so you'll know that what you receive is the real deal.
"But Metallman, how do I know it's not some fake pretending to be my favorite player?"

Good question!  The creators of Egraphs take great pride in their measures to assure authenticity.  They have state of the are methods that will compare the signature received from those known of the player to assure authenticity.  Also, the voice recording that you will receive will go through top notch voice recognition tests to assure that the voice you hear on your personal message is from the player you selected.

I'm loving this idea of Egraphs.  Right now, it's MLB heavy.  Hopefully, players from other sports will agree to do some Egraphs for thier fans.  It's a revolutionary idea for sports fanatics and hopefully it will catch on fire.  So who do you hope to see agree to sign Egraphs?  Later!


Egraphs... call me old fashioned, but I like the autographs. I recently got some autographs by some football players! :)

I hear ya, Betty. There's nothing wrong with old fashion. If you want something besides a picture signed, it would be awesome to have it signed! Like a jersey or a sports towel!

Well we are in the digital age.. But i will stick more in the traditional way of getting autographs.

Wow - how cool is that? Granted there's nothing like being able to WEAR something your favorite sports player has signed to show off to the world ... but this is really cool hon. I had not heard about them ... thanks for the info. I bet the kids would love something like this from their fav WWE wrestlers and pro football players!

Hey there Kim. Yeah, you can't wear it, but it would be perfect for fans that can't make it out to a game or sporting event, you know. I thought it was a neat idea and I'm hoping that other atheletes and wrestlers, jump in on this and sign up to do them. I think those would be extremely popular!

agreed that the idea sounds and probably is very good.......frankly i think nothing beats a physical proof.....

Hey there Nagaraj! I think the goal is to have a physical item signed, I know I would want one, but if it's not possible, I think this is a great alternative!

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