Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goodbye 20s! Hello Super Spartan Race!!!

Hey there.  As mentioned earlier in my Twitter feed, today is the last day of my 20's.  Yup, as of tomorrow, I will be 30 years old.  Now... I'm not one to make a big deal over birthdays.  Actually, I'm one that doesn't really care how old (or young) one is.  I usually forget how old I am and my wife is the one to remind me.  Well...  in this instance, my wife has reminded me of the big 30 once a week, every week for the past few weeks.  lol  I don't feel 30.  To be honest, I don't even know how "old" I feel.  I'm still a goofball, I still play video games (as if that's a bad thing...), and I still take part in less than wise activities (sliding down the stair case on cardboard!  C'mon!  Don't tell that you've never done it!)  If anything, I'm not as active as I used to be.  But that's about to change!  Starting tomorrow, I will go out for a morning run.  Yup.  I need to start training.  Why?  Because I'm going to take part of the Super Spartan Race coming this January!!!

"But Metallman, you're crazy.  January is next year.  What are you doing training now?"

Yeah, well...  Have you seen these races?  Mud, fire, barb wire...  These races can be brutal!!!  They have some insane obstacle courses and are they definitely a physical challenge!  Check out this vid to see how intense this can be!

As of today, I hold about 170 lbs on a 5'8 frame.  Yup.  I'm not a very big guy.  But that doesn't deter me from getting it done!  I need to start lifting some weights and get a little more muscle on this frame of mine.  But not only that, I need to increase this endurance of mine too.  I am good to run about an hour or so before I start to feel the fatigue set in.  The Super Spartan race is a grueling 8 mile obstacle course.  The website clearly says that the fastest time that one would complete the course would be about an hour and the longest one would take could be over 5 hours.  Oh man...  I'm shooting for anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.  Is it possible?  Don't know.  But we'll see what happens when I'm there and ready to tackle the obstacle course.

What a way to usher in my 30th year, huh.  So... who's going to join me?!?!  lol  Later!

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