Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Booking That Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Getaway for Under $100

Las Vegas!!!  Here I come!!!
Hey there.  It's set.  Vacation time has been approved and it's time to book that Las Vegas getaway for a few days.  The wife and I sorely need it and just when we were talking about getting away for a few days, I get an Email from Groupon with an awesome deal for a 2 night stay at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino for under $80.  The cool thing about Vegas is that it really doesn't matter where you stay since you want to visit all the casinos and attractions so you're really only looking for a place to sleep, but this deal included all you can drink alcoholic drinks from 4-8 pm, 2 free breakfasts, and 2 free entries to the day spa (and gym).  FREE DRINKS!!!!  That alone makes this deal worth it.  That's a pretty damn awesome deal, if you ask me.

If you're looking to score this deal, get to it.  Quantities are limited so you need to act fast before the deal is over.  The last possible day to score the deal is June 8th but they could be long gone by then.  So let's hear it, what are some of your favorite summer vacation spots?  Later!


  1. Darn, you had me excited to share this with a friends that are going with us in October until I realized this is for a hotel not on the strip where we'll be. Oh well, there's always plenty of Las Vegas deals to be had before then!

  2. Hey there Jenn! Each time we go, we stay on the strip so I'm changing it up a bit. BUT the monorail is right there and is a short ride to the strip! Just saying. lol

  3. I've stayed downtown the last 2 times I've gone, so this will be my first time on the strip. I'm excited, but still want to make another trip back to stay at the Golden Nugget downtown, since there is a super awesome water slide in their pool that goes through a shark tank. I didn't know about that hidden gem until after the fact.

    I've ridden the monorail through that connect through the hotels, but not one that takes you to the strip, since I imagine you have to be somewhat close to it.

  4. I've never stayed in downtown before so this will be my first time. The monorail will drop you off at the Bally's Hotel, not too far from Planet Hollywood.

    Super awesome water slide with sharks?!?! Oh man... I have to check that out!!!

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