Friday, May 4, 2012

Growing Organic Tomatoes with Whitney Farms

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Hey there.  If you want to eat healthy, organic is the way to go.  No pesticides, no preservatives or any other chemicals will seep into your fruits and veggies when you go organic.  Organic foods are considered to be one of the healthiest forms of food.  So how do you know whether or not you really have organic food?  It's not like you planted those tomatoes yourself.  Or did you?  By using Whitney farms products (organic soil and organic plant food) there is no doubt that those great looking tomatoes are organic!

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Whitney Farms® is know as one of the leading brands of organic soil and plant food.  That's why I would make sure that I would take advantage of the coupon by clicking on the link above.  Not only am I getting a quality soil and plant food, but I'm getting it at an awesome deal as well.  When I finally get around to planting those tomatoes for my wife, Whitney Farms will be my choice for soil and plant food!    She's always been the one with the green thumb and while she likes to plant flowers, she's been wanting to start a vegetable garden.  By using Whitney Farms, I know I won't have soil that has been laced with pesticides and chemicals.  After all, the plants will get their nutrients from the soil and if it's laced with all kinds of chemicals, I am certain that my vegetables will have trace amounts of those chemicals in them.  I do not want that.

We would like to start with tomatoes and go from there.  Having organic food readily available for my family has always been a goal for us.  I know that  you can't always have organic stuff but it sure would be nice to be able to pick your home grown tomatoes.  I mention tomatoes because use them for everything.  Tacos, salsa, soups...  It's like we always have to have some in the house and now, I think we're ready to start that goal of starting the vegetable garden.  Since it would be our first time planting anything other than flowers, we would like all the help that we can get.
Small Tomato Garden
The above picture is a small tomato garden that I would one day like to start.  Not too big, not too small, and it's perfect for the back yard.  So tell me, friends, what kind of gardening tips do you have for us first timers?  Again, we've planted plants but never planted any fruits and veggies.  Also, make sure that you check out the Whitney Farms® $3 coupon.  No likes to pay full price so why not take advantage of it?  lol  Later!
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