Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Entering into the World of Pinterest

Hey there.  A question that I find myself asking my wife recently is, "what are you doing?" while she's staring at her Kindle Fire screen.  The answer these past couple of weeks has been, "Pinterest."  lol  Yeah, she's fallen into the endless list of ideas, recipes, pictures, DIY stuffs, and countless other subjects that make Pinterest so interesting.  My wife said that it's like fantasy football, but for women.  lol  I didn't want to get involved with Pinterest, but I must admit that seeing her laugh, go "Oh!", be intrigued, and inspired made me want to check it out.  I also saw it as a great way to promote the site... well... at least I think it will be.  I am still a rookie when it comes to Pinterest so I don't know exactly how I will use it.  I did manage to add a "pin it" button to each post but am still not sure if it will increase traffic.  That's why I would love to hear from you guys.  Especially my blogger friends.  Do you use Pinterest?  And if so, how do you use it to promote your site?  I added a few pics just to test it out but now I find myself with empty boards and I want to fill em up!  Let's hear it, friends.  How is Pinterest best used?  Later!

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  1. I always make sure to pin every post on pinterest. I have a board for free stuff, for my reviews/giveaways/sponsored posts and surprisingly enough, have over 100 people following me. Probably closer to 150 now. It's always important to embed a picture in every blog post you do, so you can always pin it there. You will gain traffic, and even get some repins and likes if it's interesting enough. On holidays, people are looking for ideas, so when I pinned myself wearing my "take your Irish eyes, off my Dublin D's" photo, they repinned it like no other. Not sure why, but I'll take what I can get. :P


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