Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Ethical Hacking Right for You?

Hey there friends. Our economy is beginning to look stronger and some job fields are on the rise. One such field is online security. Think about it for a second. When times are tough, crime goes up. People that feel that they have nothing to lose will go to great lengths to get what they want, and that includes resorting to crime. Online security is just as important as mall security and that's where you come in.

Big name companies are paying big bucks for those that are willing to hack into their infrastructure and report the weaknesses so that they can better secure their consumers. Ethical Hacking is a form of Internet security. As an ethical hacker, you may use all the malicious tools that a criminal hacker uses to compromise a web site's network infrastructure. It works similar to a crash test for cars. You want to be assured for safety, right? So you smash a few cars, take notice of the areas that are not performing well, and you make adjustments. This is no different. IT Security plays a vital role in assuring that personal information will be safe, the same way a car manufacturer will conduct crash tests to assure that our bodies will be safe.

So where can you get certified? EC-Council offers courses that you can take online at the comfort of your home. We all dream of being able to work at home and being a Certified Ethical Hacker gives us that luxury. What if you're not ready to dive into the online technicalities of a hacker? EC-Council offers other courses that will build your knowledge of IT Security. Other courses offered include:
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Computer Forensics
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Programming
  • Penetration Testing
If you're looking for a position that is in demand, you owe yourself at least a look at the courses provided. Job positions are never guaranteed but you'll never know if you land the job if you do not apply yourself to the task at hand. Knowing that technology is always evolving, being a Certified Ethical Hacker will never go out of season. Now that, my friends, is job security at it's best. Later.



  1. awesome post, i'm going to check that site out.

    i'm a bit of a hax0r, not sure if i'm good enough to attack a site. I get a lot of info from 2600

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    i enjoyed it


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