Friday, May 8, 2009

Shopping For Mega Brands Toys

Hey there friends. Toys are a staple to every person's childhood. I'm sure that we fondly remember which toys were our favorites and now, as a parent, I try to provide some of those memories by getting my kids some pretty awesome toys. For example, as a child, I played with Voltron toys. You know, the metal toys that hardly had any plastic and would not be deemed safe by today's standards. lol There's not much in form of Voltron now but we do have MEGA Brands Neo Shifters. My boy loves anything that you can build and these are perfect for him. He already owns quite a few but because the pieces can be combined with other Neo Shifters, his imagination takes over and he'll create his own monster. He doesn't have a blue one so this one would go great with his collection.

Then we have all sorts of great products by MEGA Brands Rose Art to bring out the inner artist. My daughter's godmother is an aspiring artist and when it comes to birthday gift's, my daughter usually receives art stuff from her god mother. She already has colored pencils, chalks, some small canvases, and pastels, but she doesn't have an easel. This would be perfect for her since it will house all of her art supplies.

Not to forget our little one. She loves blocks. Her first set of blocks were MEGA Brands Mega Bloks, which she still builds with today. She already owns the Wild West Dora set and a Cinderella set to expand her building blocks. She's been in Sleeping Beauty mode so I think this set would make her happy.

Nostalgia is hitting me now. lol I think I'll need to go get myself some toys as well. =oD We're getting older, friends, but doesn't mean we can't stay young at heart! Later!


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