Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who the Hell is John Titor???

Hey there. I'm a curious person. The whole UFO debate fascinates me, the paranormal fascinates me, and among many other things, time travel fascinates me. So when I stumbled across the name, John Titor - time traveler, I raised an eyebrow and started to look into this time traveler. Now, not many people know the name, so here's an extremely quick run down of the guy.

He claims to be from 2036
He traveled back in time to 1975 for a IBM 5100 computer
He made a "pit stop" in 2001 for personal reasons
He posted in the Art Bell BBS Forums and identified himself as a time traveler
He traveled using a military time machine
He disappeared without a trace in early 2001

Check out some of his original posts here:

I'm no John Titor expert and I don't know all the facts but what I have read has sparked my interest. Now, right off the bat, I've lost some of you, since I am aware that this sort of thing is not everyone's cup of tea, but I find this person fascinating since this person seems to have just disappeared off the face of the Earth. During his posts, he laid the mechanics and physics concerning the time travel machine, going into the complex mathematics that was used to make it possible. He refused to give any predictions and did not want to disclose any information that would cause anyone to interfere with the current world line.

The world line... More than anything, I believe this is what fascinates me the most. The Everett-Wheeler-Graham Theory suggests that our universe is composed of many universes in which each one represents each and every possible scenario. For example, you are at the store deciding on whether or not you should buy something. In one universe, you bought an ice cream cone. In universe 2, you didn't and walked out the store and got hit by a bike, or whatever. At that moment, a separate universe was created and there are, in theory, 2 yous walking around, but will never cross paths because they are on different world lines. Crazy thought, no? Imagine all the decisions made in your life time. For each decision you made, there is another world line out there that exists based on a completely different decision that could have been made. It's a theory that completely blows my mind. If this theory is true, then it begs to ask the question on whether or not there is God. If I decide to be Mr. Peace on Earth, there is an alternate world line where I am Mr. Hell on Earth to balance it out. On one path I chose peace, in the other path I did not. If both good and evil sides exists within separate world lines, when I die, which one of "me" will be judged? Oh, here's another crazy idea... if there are alternate universes, as theorized, then is God and Satan one and the same? God being Mr. Peace on Earth and Satan being Mr. Hell of Earth? Food for thought, no? Later!


  1. Fascinating. I was reading a bit on the notion of parallel universe the other day and came upon the part about there be infinite permutation of the same scenario. Hmm... talking about having your cake and eat it too. lol

  2. Nice post, sadly I read somewhere that the Titor thing was a hoax, a practical joke, but the theories and ideas interest me too.

  3. You'd have to be pretty stupid to believe this hocus pocus.

    He offers no proof whatsoever; and also it's just phoeey.

  4. Hey there,

    Whether or not John Titor is a hoax is not much for concern. But the ideas that came from this persona is what is fascinating. Us normal folk laugh at the ideas, but you know that open minded scientists somewhere are going, "Hmmmm.... is this possible? Can we do this?" The mere fact that time travel and parallel universes are possibilities is extremely intriguing.