Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's A Boy!

Hey there. We're having a boy! We went to our ultrasound appointment this morning and we were told that we're having a boy! We want a healthy baby but my wife and I were hoping to have a boy so that we can even out the family, as in have 2 boys and 2 girls.
Our morning started out a little rough, traffic wise at least. I thought that because it was kind of early, we can hop on the freeway and get there with time to spare. Once we were on, my wife reminded me how awful the 5 freeway is (bumper to bumper all day, everyday) and time was running out. I weaved in and out of traffic and got off the freeway and drove from East L.A. to downtown L.A and managed to get us there at exactly 8:15. We walk in, wait, fill out the paper work, and then we get our ultrasound. Baby is doing good. Everything looks normal and there were no abnormalities. I referred to the baby as him and the doctor said, "Did you just say him?". I said said yeah and he told me that I was right and showed us his "boyhood". lol I left the ultrasound pics in the car so I'll post one up when I get back from lunch. Catch you guys then. Later!

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