Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dropped By Project Wonderful

Hey there. I received an Email about an hour or so ago from Project Wonderful stating that I am in violation of their terms of service (TOS). I've been a member of the Project Wonderful family for about a year and have never come across any issues. Nothing has changed (content wise, at least) from since I submitted this blog for their approval. I must say that I was fairly pleased with the service. I met some cool people there and now, it's all gone. Their apparent reason is that I accept sponsored posts and now that violates their TOS. It's extremely upsetting that the terms were changed without notice. Maybe they've always been that way and I merely fell through the cracks. Nevertheless, I am no longer part of the Project Wonderful family and I'm disappointed that I'm no longer there. Quite frankly, I probably make more on one sponsored post than I do in a month using their service. That's not a knock on Project Wonderful, it's just that I did not really think out the layout to provide the best real estate for advertising. Thus, minimizing my earning potential. I'll rethink that idea some other time and maybe sell spots on here on a private basis. Even though it was a small portion of my "online income", it still was online income and it sucks to see it go.

I will say that their Customer Service is excellent. I received the decline notice about an hour or so ago, and I've been sending Emails to them asking for specific and answers as to why I was dropped and actually got them. So different from the mega-giant Google that will drop your ass like a hot potato and not give you the light of day as to why. Project Wonderful is even going to cash out my account even though I'm not at the $10 minimum. So even though I will no longer be with the service, they are still treating me rather well. I'd say that pretty damn efficient. Well, let me put some thought into this advertising business and see where it goes. Suggestions are more than welcomed. Later.


  1. ouch. but yeah, you don't earn much from them really.

  2. oooh i'm not a member or project wonderful so i don't know their terms and conditions. anyway, i have to say that i am impressed with how they deal with their clients. unlike google. :)

  3. That really sucks - You could ad the wordpress plugin for 125 x 125 ads, this gives you the option to put 1-8 ads on your site, whereever you want. They are easy to update/change. I do this for a couple of my sites and I offer advertising someone can pay for through paypal ($30 a month) but I also offer the same advertising through the market here at ec for 5000 ec ($29) a month. I've sold quite a few of each.

  4. When I first started with PW, I was making a decent income off a four block ad spot but that has declined in revenue so much that I'm seriously considering dropping it completely to try something else. Not really fair that they dropped you without warning first though.

  5. It does suck that they did it so suddenly. And yes, Google does not give anyone the time of day, as much $$$ as they make off of folks. With the big G, you are on your own completely!

  6. Hey there friends,


    I'll check it out since I would like a little more control in regards to pricing. I'm not sure if a Wordpress plug-in would work on Blogger but it doesn't hurt to try.


    Maybe PW is doing some kind of "weeding" out that's causing people to drop or be dropped from PW. I also notice the decline of revenue but figured it's because of the new lay out I have.


    Yeah, that sucked. If anything, an Email or message saying, "hey, you got until Friday to fix this and this before we cut you." would have been nice. lol I got my answers, but still, a warning would have been good.

  7. It took me several tries to even get approved by PW. Most of my blogs are helping to promote home-based businesses so they use affiliate links which typically got my blogs rejected by PW. I created a personal blog (which is SO much fun!!) and that one finally got accepted.

  8. that sucks man, i hope you get a answer from them.
    oh well, its their loss