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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google Adsense Account Disabled

Hey there.  When I first started this blog many moons ago, I looked around for ways to earn a few extra bucks from it.  I remember getting my feet wet in programs like ProjectWonderful and CMF ads.  When I learned that it could all be so easy if I just signed up with Google AdSense, I did and it was great.  I remember earning close to $30 my first month and I was pretty excited about that.  I told myself that my blog is still a nobody site and if I were to have better than decent traffic, my Google AdSense earnings would multiply!  Then... just like that, my account was disabled.  WHAT!?!?!?!  I was extremely disappointed.  I appealed but I got nowhere.  And the worst part is that they do not offer you an explanation.  They simply state that they cannot provide any details at this moment.  I do not like that answer.  If there is something wrong, whether it's my fault or not, I would like to know!  How else am I going to fix the problem?  Do I have offensive material on my site?  Did an inappropriate ad display on my site?  Were there invalid clicks?  Tell me what was/is the problem?!?!  I never found out.  Fast forward close to 5 years later and I reapplied for Google AdSense.  After another site review, I was accepted!  Oh happy days are upon us!!!  Then... 2 days later, my account was suspended...  AGAIN!  WHAT!?!  And again, for reasons unknown.  What really upset me this time around, though, was that my site was reviewed and got the OK from Google Adsense a mere 2 days BEFORE being disabled!  If there was something wrong with my site, why would they OK it only to disable it a mere 2 days later???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Member of Adgitize

Adgitize your web site.
Hey there. As most of you know, I've been dropped by Project Wonderful a few weeks back and have been looking for a new ad type platform. I haven't really been looking around but I did stumble across a very convenient source of online income. I am now the latest member of the Adgitize network.

From what I've read and the way it works, I think it's great! I never really noticed it but it seems that many Entrecard members are already a part of the Adgitize network so it's extremely convenient to "drop and click". Similar to Entrecard, you gain points by clicking on the ads (that's a first!) of Adgitize members. Most Entrecard members, such as myself, have placed an ad right next to the Entrecard widget to make it easy to Drop and Click (I should trademark that sucker!). Each click gains you a point. Points are then converted to cash at the end of the month. No waiting for approvals, transferring to a cash out account or anything like that. And clicking on ads is not the only way to get points. Each page view that your web site generates is converted to points. Each time one of the Adgitize ads is displayed generates is converted to points. If you have more than one ad block displays, the ad and page view points multiply by the number of ad blocks you display. Being an advertiser generates an automatic 100 points a day (more on that in a bit). Posting articles generates a cool 100 points a day. And by articles, it means posting, period. So if you're an active blog writer, this is basically getting paid to do what you do anyways. So there are many ways that points can be generated.

So what is the conversion to cash? That depends on how active advertisers are and how many points are awarded but just to give you a general idea, here is the May 2009 conversion table.

Score less than 100 points in a day and you will earn 1 cent a day.
Score 100 to 199 points in a day and you will earn 2 or 3 cents a day.
Score 200 to 299 points in a day and you will earn 15 cents to 25 cents a day.
Score 300 or more points in a day and you will earn 76 cents to $1 dollar a day.

Again, those numbers are not written in stone so don't quote me on that but it gives you a general idea of how many points you will need to earn some cash. Looking at the table above, 200 points is very doable but you definitely want to score 300 points a day.

That sounds great, Metallman, but what about the advertising that you mentioned? Glad you ask. lol Adgitize cannot pay it's members if it does not generate any revenue. So advertising is a cool $14 a month (other options are available) and your ad is guaranteed to be shown on all sites that have the widget installed on their web page to the tune of at least once every 100 page views. So if 'X' site has 100 views a day, your ad will appear at least once on their site. Considering that there are thousands of sites in the network, you will definitely get your money's worth. And if you hit the 300 point mark daily, the ad will pay for itself each month. All while bringing you traffic and readers. Sign up is free and you do not have to advertise. You can gain points by other means but being given 100 points a day for being an advertiser is not a bad deal at all.

I haven't seen any complaints from anyone in regards to this. Paying to display your ad seems to be one "nuisance" that surfaces, but considering that you can pay $10 for a month long ad on any given website, you might as well ad the $4 and display your ads to thousands more. I'm quite thrilled about trying this out. Hopefully, it will bring in quality traffic as well as some online income. I'll keep you posted with how much it brings in after the first or second month. Check it out, friends. Later!

Adgitize your web site.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dropped By Project Wonderful

Hey there. I received an Email about an hour or so ago from Project Wonderful stating that I am in violation of their terms of service (TOS). I've been a member of the Project Wonderful family for about a year and have never come across any issues. Nothing has changed (content wise, at least) from since I submitted this blog for their approval. I must say that I was fairly pleased with the service. I met some cool people there and now, it's all gone. Their apparent reason is that I accept sponsored posts and now that violates their TOS. It's extremely upsetting that the terms were changed without notice. Maybe they've always been that way and I merely fell through the cracks. Nevertheless, I am no longer part of the Project Wonderful family and I'm disappointed that I'm no longer there. Quite frankly, I probably make more on one sponsored post than I do in a month using their service. That's not a knock on Project Wonderful, it's just that I did not really think out the layout to provide the best real estate for advertising. Thus, minimizing my earning potential. I'll rethink that idea some other time and maybe sell spots on here on a private basis. Even though it was a small portion of my "online income", it still was online income and it sucks to see it go.

I will say that their Customer Service is excellent. I received the decline notice about an hour or so ago, and I've been sending Emails to them asking for specific and answers as to why I was dropped and actually got them. So different from the mega-giant Google that will drop your ass like a hot potato and not give you the light of day as to why. Project Wonderful is even going to cash out my account even though I'm not at the $10 minimum. So even though I will no longer be with the service, they are still treating me rather well. I'd say that pretty damn efficient. Well, let me put some thought into this advertising business and see where it goes. Suggestions are more than welcomed. Later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is Entrecard Consulting Satan?

Hey there. It's the middle of the day, and I'm checking my stats, referrals, and what not for Metallman's Reverie. As I'm checking out my referrals, I came across an interesting number... According to Project Wonderful, I have 666 referrals from Entrecard!!!! Dun! Dun! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn! I got my eye on you, Entrecard. Is this whole "Ad Network" business Satan talk? lol Later!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Project Wonderful

Hey there. As I was checking out other blogs, I've noticed that several had "ads" from Project Wonderful. Curiousity got the best of me and I finally checked it out. I've signed up and am waiting for a review of some sorts. Hopefully, all will play out well and I'll soon have a few spots open for bidding. Still not 100% how it works, but I would greatly appreciate feedback in regards to the site. Positive? Negative? Neutral? Whatever. The more info, the better. Many thanks. Later!