Wednesday, August 31, 2011

P-Touch Test Kit EXTREME!

Notice the police tape?  Yup...  THAT EXTREME!
Hey there.  Are you always in need of better organizing your stuff?  Or you simply have the desire but marking your boxes with pens and markers are messy and the labels that you currently have seem to fall off the moment they were applied.  It's happened to me many times.  In a house with 4 kids, sibling territory runs rampant and the common phrases of "mine" or "where is it?" are constantly yelled out.  While organizing your room or garage may not draw borders around the kids, it will make things a lot easier for mom and dad and our good friends at P-Touch and Dad/Mom Central have teamed up and provided me with a test kit to show you just how durable P-Touch labels really are.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Movie Night! Game Time: Tackling the Past on NBC September 3rd

Hey there.  Here's another game winning movie to enjoy with your family courtesy of P&G!  Game Time: Tackling the Past is a great film to sit down and watch with your family and have that discussion with your kids that winning isn't everything.  We all grow up to be the best that we can but sometimes we all lose focus on the real meaning behind that phrase.  It doesn't mean that if you don't win, you're a loser.  It simply means that as long as you give it your all, you should be satisfied with your results.  If you feel as if you can do better next time, then go for it!!!  But what if you take that phrase and take it to heart.  What if winning is everything to you and you can't accept defeat?  What's left for you if winning is out of the equation?  These are some of the great questions that arise in Game Time: Tackling the Past.

Motivational Monday: Black Ops

I have friends!  Really... I do!  They're just not online right now, right now.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Backup Your Data Online with Carbonite

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Carbonite Online Backup
Hey there.  Tell me if this hasn't happened to you.  After a long night of working on important documents, you save your files, you shut down your computer, and tell yourself that you'll finish it up tomorrow.  You get up, ready to tackle the task at hand when your computer starts making funny noises.  Beeps abound, you use all your tech knowledge to try and get the computer to start up.  And then....  nothing.   Lastly, you scream in frustration when you realize that not only are you losing all of last night's work, but pretty much all your data files on your computer.  You feel like crying.  Scary thought, no?  Well guess what.  It happens more often than not and it's heartbreaking when it does.  Years of stored pictures and years of stored music...  gone forever.  This is why it's important to have a quiality back up plan in case your computer decides to call it quits and our good friends at Carbonite have your back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Introducing the "Thoughts on..." Series

Hey there.  I watch a lot of movies and I love catching some of the more under the radar type films.  I'm more inclined to watch Asian horror films (my favorite) but I also try to catch some American horror films... regardless of how bad they are.  My problem?  I want to tell you, my readers, about these films but you know what my problem is?  I give too much away.  I can't do a review of the film because it's less of a review and more of a synopsis.  So I decided that I'm no longer going to do review type posts but instead do a "Thoughts on..." post.  This way, I'll tell you guys, right off the bat, that there will be spoilers because I want to convey my thoughts on the film.  What worked, what didn't, was it awesome, was it awful, and anything else that came to mind while I was watching the film.

Benefit of Being in the Military - VA Loans

Hey there.  I have a few friends that recently finished their duty in the military.  It's been over 10 years since I've seen them in high school and I remember during that senior year how military personnel would go to the school and provide us with information about joining.  At the time, you tell yourself, the army, the best of the best are sent off to fight wars.  You really only get that message as a young adult.  You strive to better yourself.  For those young adults that struggled during high school, they see it as means to start over.  For those that are grateful for all the opportunities that they've had in this great country, they see it as a civil service to give back.  But as a young adult, you never really think about the long term benefits.  You're not thinking of buying a home or of a family.  One of the greatest benefits for being in the military is qualifying for a Military VA loan.