Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Movie Night! Game Time: Tackling the Past on NBC September 3rd

Hey there.  Here's another game winning movie to enjoy with your family courtesy of P&G!  Game Time: Tackling the Past is a great film to sit down and watch with your family and have that discussion with your kids that winning isn't everything.  We all grow up to be the best that we can but sometimes we all lose focus on the real meaning behind that phrase.  It doesn't mean that if you don't win, you're a loser.  It simply means that as long as you give it your all, you should be satisfied with your results.  If you feel as if you can do better next time, then go for it!!!  But what if you take that phrase and take it to heart.  What if winning is everything to you and you can't accept defeat?  What's left for you if winning is out of the equation?  These are some of the great questions that arise in Game Time: Tackling the Past.

Pro football start Jake Walker is living the dream!  He's a pro football tight end and is on pace to break the all time receiving record.  Fans adore him, the game is good to him, and he couldn't be happier.  Until he receives the call.  His father is ill and Jake decides to return to his hometown.  The hometown that he deserted 15 years before to pursue his football career.  The local "hero" doesn't get a warm and fuzzy welcome and during his visit with his father, old demons resurface and Jake wonders if it was a good idea to show up in the first place.  Then the second call comes.  Jake's pro football contract will not be renewed.

Without the game that he loves, what's Jake to do?  Can he stay in his hometown and avoid the media circus that is sure to follow him if he steps into the lime light?  Can he make peace with the town that once revered him but now shows hostility towards him?  Football is the only thing that Jake knows and winning is everything to him, but how can he "win" in the one place that haunts him?  Check out the trailer below and get ready to be intrigued.
Game Time: Tackling the Past tackles the above questions.  It's the perfect opportunity to sit down with the family and discuss the decisions that Jake made and how they affect him in later life.  But not only his decisions but the way he went about it.  Discover the outcome of this great film this Saturday at 8pm ET/7pm CT on NBC.  For more information on this film, please visit the Family Movie Night website or the Family Movie Night Facebook page for all the details of this, and upcoming movies.  Don't miss out on Jake's story.  Tune in this Saturday!  Later!

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