Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Piccolo Pete's American Mexican Food Service

Hey there.  I'm a foodie.  I love food.  When the wife and I eat out, I tend to finish my plate and still eat about half of hers.  It's so much a mutual understanding now that the wife will order something from the menu considering my taste.  lol  Anyways, I told myself that I would start doing restaurant and food reviews.  Why?  Well, I say why not!  I started last week with my experience at the Palms Steakfood and Restaurant but I should have given you a heads up.  That's why, I'm letting you guys know that the next place I'm trying is...  PICCOLO PETE'S AMERICAN MEXICAN FOOD SERVICE!

Now, I must admit, I may be a little biased on this place.  Well... because it's my uncle's new business!  That's right, my uncle has finally decided to start his own place after all the years of friends and family saying that he should.  Him and his wife are on a mission to bring some of the best smoked ribs, sausages, menudo, chicken alfredo, and countless other American and Mexican dishes to the southland.  They have a wide range of food that they make and are currently developing a formal menu but as of right now, if you call or Email a suggestion, he'll gladly let you know if it's on the menu and will take it into consideration for future orders.  Just take a look at these ribs.  Don't tell me that these ribs don't look finger licking good!
I'm not a huge fan of BBQ ribs and even I want to take a bite out of those!  My uncle usually mentions his specials on his personal page (I'm suggesting he gets his own FB page so that he can update specials there) and this weekend's special is the menudo.  I haven't had menudo in awhile and I can't wait to try this.  So stay tuned for my review of Piccolo Pete's American Mexican Food Service!

He's my uncle, he's awesome, and he's a great chef.  Maybe he'll be awesome enough to give you, my readers, a discount if you mention my name.  He'll probably call it the "butt head" special or something like that.  Hey...  he's family.  lol  They just started their own FB page to make sure to Like Piccolo Pete's on Facebook!  Later!


  1. Tell them to set up a  twitter account.

  2. Gonna do that too. They gonna have to if they want to expand beyond the friends and family realm. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


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