Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere! Time to Stock up on Awesome Baby Gear!

Rockin' the skulls and the mummy
Hey there.  You know, when the wife and I found out that we were having a little one a few years back, one of the first things we decided to do is look for awesome baby hats and baby beanies.  You need to keep your baby warm and we didn't want to settle on a blah looking hat for our son.  Why mention this?  Well, because a few of our friends recently had babies and I'm hoping that they managed to grab some awesome cool baby hats!  For our son, we manage to find a black and red stripped hat and a black one with a skull on it.  They were definitely out of the norm but the hats were an extension of my wife's and I's personality and if you had great hats like that, it would definitely make your baby look cool!  Just take a look at my boy and I dare you to tell me he doesn't look awesome.  lol

Good taste just minutes after he was born
Having a little one is tough.  He's a big boy now and he is going to be 2 years old in a few short months.  Oh man, how does time fly.  I remember when we were still carrying him in a baby wrap carrier and pushing him along in a stroller.  Now, he wants to get down and walk.  *sigh*  They really do grow up so fast.

Best of luck, my friends, to you and congrats on the new addition to the family!  Make sure you stock up on some awesome baby gear!  You'll definitely want to have your baby express your style.  The wife and I are more of the "rock" type parents and stayed away from the more classic and traditional stuff.  That's why our baby had skulls on his shoes, hats, and clothes.  So what kind of style do you think would fit your baby the best?  What kind of clothes did you adorn your baby with?  Do tell!  Later!

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