Thursday, June 30, 2011

AM2Con is This Weekend, July 1st - July 3rd

Hey there.  The Anime, Music, and Manga Convention is being hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend!  3 full days of nothing but put pre awesomeness.  If you guys are in the Los Angeles area this weekend, you should consider making the trip to Anaheim to check this out.  The convention is free to everyone but there are certain activities and shows that you will have to pay for.  Many of the exhibits, workshops, and events are free so there really isn't a reason why you wouldn't want to stop by.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JoyStick Division Sends Metallman an E3 Swag Box

Hey there.  I recently entered a contest at and was randomly chosen as the winner!  Hell yes!  I've been reading Joystick Division for quite some time and I know that they started having weekly giveaways.  One of the more recent type of giveaway is their "Mystery Box" giveaways, which are pretty awesome.  They'll put all kinds of random stuff in a box and you leave a comment saying you want it and take a stab at what's inside.  Many of the commentors have gone off the deep end and will leave some pretty crazy and funny comments and it's always a good laugh to see what they say.  Well, I ended up winning the latest mystery box and low and behold, the great haul that I have won!

Women That Rock Weekend

Hey there.  We need a night out.  The wife and I have semi-survived the first week of summer vacation and we already need to reward ourselves with a night on the town.  Before we can start planning what we should do, the comadre sends us this:

David Levi - From Soccer Player to Poker Star

Hey there.  You know, poker has grown into a serious sport these last couple of years.  Is it fair it call it a sport?  I guess, right?  Anyways, I've been watching my fair share of poker on TV, especially the World Poker Tour Championship. It churns out some real intense moments at times and even though you'll find the poker greats all over the tables, you'll spot a celebrity or sports figure as well.  One that has started to make a move is David Levi.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivational Monday - Immortality

Whoa...  Is this why you're so sad, Keanu?

Attention All Geeks! Use Geek Alerts for All Your Geeky Needs

Hey there friends.  I'm a geek at heart.  I love all things tech, I'm the "computer guy" of the family, I play video games, and I love geeky movies like the Cube series.  So when I stumbled across Geek Alerts, I knew I found a new home to satisfy my taste for all things geek.