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Friday, October 28, 2016

Three Reasons Neil Warnock is a Favorite in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is often described by those who live there as God’s own country - and it’s certainly a county that’s good at producing classics; whether it’s parkin, Yorkshire Tea or Neil Warnock, one of the most prolific coaches in the Premier League and one of Yorkshire’s favourite sons.

With stints at many of the region’s smaller football clubs as well as Leeds Utd and a couple of London clubs, Warnock has built a loyal following of football fans. A real character, he’s been involved in plenty of disputes with many players, clubs and other people, which some put down to his Yorkshire temperament.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

David Levi - From Soccer Player to Poker Star

Hey there.  You know, poker has grown into a serious sport these last couple of years.  Is it fair it call it a sport?  I guess, right?  Anyways, I've been watching my fair share of poker on TV, especially the World Poker Tour Championship. It churns out some real intense moments at times and even though you'll find the poker greats all over the tables, you'll spot a celebrity or sports figure as well.  One that has started to make a move is David Levi.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Rise of American Soccer in the United States

Hey there. I love sports. I'm also Mexican American. So when both countries end up going against each other, who should I root for? It's a common dilemma for many Mexican Americans out there. My parents were born in Mexico and I in the US.  I'm a first gen American in our family.  You want to root for both countries. You want to go show pride and acknowledge your roots but you also want to show pride for the country of opportunity. Why the question? Soccer. Yup. Soccer. lol